Taiwan Alishan 2D1N Itinerary 台灣阿里山行程 [Part 1]

DAY 1 to Alishan, Chiayi

See Part of Alishan
2nd Day of my10D9N Taiwan Trip
Weather ☼ Kaohsiung : 30 °Celsius | Alishan: 8°Celsius


1. Breakfast at Tianji Soy Milk 田記豆漿店

Just located beside our hotel, this is one of our favourite Taiwanese breakfast restaurant in Kaohsiung. They have 5 branches in Kaohsiung, you can search it on Google Map. We love the unique salty soy milk 鹹豆漿, delicious egg pancakes 蛋餅, dumplings 餃子 and last but not least their big Youtiao油條! This is the kind of breakfast that you can’t get in Malaysia!

➔ After meeting our driver at hotel lobby we then depart to Chiayi Alishan 嘉義阿里山


2. Stop by Ali Love Silk Road No. 18 阿里山18號愛情絲路

This is a rest stop while on the way to Alishan. It is a park full of love-themed sculptures for photo purpose. I think is suitable for kids or couples to have fun spending some times here.


3. Stroll at Tianchangdijiu (Eternity ) Suspension Bridge 天长地久吊桥

Surrounded by mountains, there are 2 suspended wooden bridges here that symbolise the love’s eternity. There’s a myth saying if couple crosses the bridges together, their loves will be last forever. At Dijiu 地久 bridge, you will find a dragon-like temple here – Longyin Temple 龍隱寺, a Family’s mart and some local shops here. You will need to climb up some stairs before you can reach to the shaky and higher Tianchang 天長 bridge, overlooking the river beneath. This place is a famous stopover before going up or down the Alishan.

Wishing Clock


4. Bento Lunch & Shopping at Fenqihu old street 奮起湖老街

Fenqihu is another famous stopover in Chiayi en route to the Alishan Recreation Area. We had the traditional Fenqihu Railway Lunchbox 奮起湖鐵路便當  🍱 as our lunch at this quaint and historical old town. Serving in an authentic metal container, there are tender pork chop, chicken drumstick, boiled egg and some vegetables on a bed of rice. It’s not really delicious but good to taste this nostalgic bento.

After had our bento lunch, we took some times strolling along the rock slope street with shops selling local specialities and delicacies. We bought some snacks and postcards as souvenirs here!

Note: This bento restaurant is self-serviced, you have to clean up your bento after meal.
Plenty of stamps to play around 😍
5. Visit historical Fenqihu Station 奮起湖車站

Before we left, we walked through the antique train station and took some pictures with the beautiful wisteria flowers that we stumbled upon nearby. If you have more times, go hiking at nearby forest trail 奮起湖木馬棧道 surrounded with beautiful bamboo trees.

spot wisteria flower at the left in picture?
Another bamboo forest here- 四方竹林


6. Arrived Alishan National Forest Recreation Area 阿里山國家森林遊樂區

Upon arrival at the entrance Alishan National Park, you need to pay the entrance ticket TW$300/pax.

7. Check-in Dafeng Villa 大峯山莊

The accommodation in Alishan National Park is more expensive as it’s a famous tourist spot located in the mountain and there are really limited options for the hotel. We booked a quadruple room at RM 516/night. We had a very bad experience overnight here. Despite the small room, the hotel staffs even drinking and chatting with friends so loud at midnight, disturbed our limited sleeping time!

Outside our hotel is misty atmosphere with 10°Celsius
8. Watch sunset at the rooftop of Alishan House 阿里山賓館

Led by our driver, we slowly walk along the trail 阿里山步道, from our hotel to the Alishan house to watch the sunset and perhaps sea of cloud.

Dropped my postcard here
The walking trail
Roof top of Alishan House
Sadly, no sea of cloud but a misty sunset.


9. Hotpot dinner at Shanbin Restaurant 山賓餐廳on cold night

We ordered a set meal that comes with a unique ‘stone’ hotpot 石頭火鍋 and many side dishes like – Sweet & sour fish 糖醋鱼, Stir-fried boar 炒山豬肉, Fried Oyster Mushroom with salt & pepper 椒盐杏鲍菇, Hakka Stir-fried tofu 客家炒豆干, Pumpkin balls 地瓜球。The hotpot is a must-order but the side dishes taste OK. Recommend to order your favourite side dishes. Look out for the portion as it is quite large for us. Anyway, it was feeling so good being able to enjoy a sumptuous hotpot dinner at 7 °Celsius.


兩天一夜台灣阿里山行程Part 1(從高雄出發)

▪ 早餐:高雄田记豆浆店
▪ 與司機會面, 出發去嘉義阿里山
▪ 途徑阿里山18號愛情絲路休息
▪ 小景點:走遍天长地久吊桥龍隱寺
▪ 午餐:品嚐奮起湖鐵路便當
▪ 景點:參觀奮起湖車站,走訪老街買手信
▪ 抵達阿里山國家森林遊樂區(一人門票TW$300)
▪ Check-in 住宿:大峯山莊
▪ 行路去阿里山賓館看日出看雲海
▪ 晚餐: 在山賓餐廳冷天品嚐石頭火鍋
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