Taiwan Alishan 2D1N Itinerary 台灣阿里山行程 [Part 2]

DAY 2 in Alishan to Taichung

See Part 1 in Alishan
3rd Day of my 10D9N Taiwan Trip
Weather ☼ Alishan: 8°Celsius | Taichung: 26°Celsius


1. Take ‘Sunrise Train’ to watch sunrise & sea of cloud

It takes around half an hour on the “train in the forest” 森林鐵路 from Alishan station to arrive at Chushan station. We then took a short hike to Xiaoliyuanshan Lookout 小笠原山觀景台 for a less-crowded sunrise view compared to Zhushan Sunrise Observation Deck 阿里山祝山觀日平臺. Due to the weather, we didn’t get to the sea of cloud but a misty sunrise.

Return to the observation deck, we spent some times admiring the cherry blossom trees there. We didn’t take the return-way train as we went straight to the Alishan National Scenic Area for hiking. As the sun rises up, you probably able to admire the beautiful scenery of cherry blossom along the train journey.

Came across this cafe Mountain Ali Tea No.35 茶田35號when leaving
Some food stalls at the tourist-crowded observation deck


2. Hiking at the Alishan National Scenic area 阿里山國家風景區

I strongly recommend you to go hiking in this magnificent forest. The air we breathe in here like it is the freshest on earth and the easy trail we walk through as if lead to nature’s heaven! Great place for those who seek an escape from the city! From Zhaoping Park 沼平公園, we slowly hike through the photogenic forest to all the scenic areas for about 3 hours plus. Those include the peaceful Jiemei (Sister) Lake 姊妹潭 with still and clear water, the natural sculpture of old cypresses tree – 永結同心, the forest-hidden temple –Alishan Shouzhen Temple 受鎮宮, the trail to view some featured majestic ancient trees – Giant Tree Cluster Trail 巨木群棧道, and last but not least the beautiful cherry blossoms park – Sakura Park 櫻王. If you come to Alishan at the cherry blossom’s blooming time, you will get to see cherry blossoms at other places like the sakura trail and along the railway.

Spotted some sakura here
Forest from Twilight Movie… jk
at Xianglin Sacred Tree 香林神木
more cherry blossom tree here but more tourists too.
Leaving. At Alishan trail.

back to this beautiful unknown trees


3. Leaving Alishan to Taichung

The famous local Zhushan Zinan Temple 竹山紫南宮 is our rest stop while on the way to Taichung. This temple is quite busy and crowded with local people who usually come here to pray for luck and wealth. Due to the crowd, many shops or stalls selling souvenirs and food can be found nearby. Even the public toilets here are very unique lol. After praying at the temple, we bought some snacks at the food stall to fill our stomach.

Taiwanese sausages 台灣香腸
Sugarcane drink


4. Late lunch at Taichung 台中眷村古早味面食

This is one of the typical street vendors at downtown, selling some delicious and authentic local delights. Their dry noodle with their very own special aromatic sauce is simply delicious. It tastes so good when you eat it together with their braised-food 滷味. Thanks to our driver, treated us to this yummy welcome meal.

Note: 滷味 is one of the Taiwan local delight that comes with wide ingredients like – boiled egg, intestine, pork neck, chicken wings, tofu, preserved egg, duck and many more, all braised in special soup.


5. Dinner at the biggest night market Taichung Fengjia 台中逢甲夜市

After checked-in at Le Parker Hotel 黎客商旅, we went to Fengjia night market which is just a walking distance away. This night market is really big! Rows and rows of food stalls and shops around this area are crowded with people hunting for street food and things. It looks like this place has gathered all the Taiwanese street food in one place. Highly recommend you to come here with an empty stomach, so you can eat like a foodie. It can be very subjective in terms of taste. But, I often find Taiwan’s night markets are filled with interesting food and things, which less likely can be found in other countries. Stinky tofu is a must-try snack, whenever I visit Taiwan. 

long queue for ‘massage fried chicken’


兩天一夜台灣阿里山行程Part 2:

▪ 早餐:便利店買的乾糧
▪ 4.30am去阿里山車站搭‘日出火車’去祝山站
▪ 景點:行路去小笠原山觀景台看日出與雲海
▪ 景點:沿路走去阿里山國家風景區(三小時)
▪ 午餐:便利店午餐
▪ 出發下山,途徑南投竹山紫南宮
▪ 下午餐:台中眷村古早味面食
▪ 抵達台中Check-in住宿黎客商旅
▪ 逛最大的夜市台中逢甲夜市
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nana June 25, 2019 - 2:46 pm

hi, can i know if Alishan National Scenic area 阿里山國家風景區 is okay for elderly to go? and also how long did you spend to hike/sightseeing at this place? thanks

hwehyong July 27, 2019 - 5:22 pm

Hi Nana, yes it’s quite okay for those elderly who can walk up and down the stairs to go as there are proper walk trails and stairs. But, it’s quite tiring even for me, so maybe can just take some short trail or less steep one. We took around 3 hours to hike as we covered quite many spots as can seen in my pictures. 🙂


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