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My blog about 7D7N Cebu Trip has been divided into different parts, mainly sorted by day(s) as below :


DAY 1 – Landing at Cebu City

Itinerary of Day 1 in Cebu:
  1. Arrival at Cebu Mactan airport (Airasia) 11:20 – 15:20 from Malaysia
  2. Check-in St’Marks Hotel in Cebu city
  3. Dinner at Zubuchon Restaurant
  4. Body Massage nearby hotel

After 4 hours of flight, we made it to Cebu Airport at 4 pm 🛬. There is only one flight time available to Cebu, so we had no choice but spent our limited time in Cebu City before we off to another island the next morning. We bought our sim card at the airport and took Uber to ride to our hotel to check-in. Personally think it is safer to ride Grab/Uber in Cebu City instead of the local taxi, as no bargain needed and has the online credit card 💳 payment option. So much safer and easier!

For our dinner, we decided to scroll through Google Map to find any restaurant in walking distance and pick the one with good reviews. In the end, we chose “Zubuchon” as they serve famous Cebu’s local dish – Roasted Pork (Lechón). It is what we called “Siu Yuk” in Chinese, but it tastes different and even more crunchy. Overall, it was good, but a bit oily and taste not as rich as Chinese “Siu Yuk”, you may give it a try if you happen to be in Cebu City.

Dinner at Zubuchon restaurant

Zubuchon, Medium Platter PHP 350

(left) Sizzling Spicy Chorizo PHP 200, (right) Sizzling Squid stuffed with Sisig PHP 320

Sinigang Lechon PHP 300

After dinner and shower, we went for a body massage 💆, something we can’t miss during traveling. How lucky we simply found a massage center at the end of the street. We then called it a day by getting rest as much as possible before leaving the city early in the morning! We didn’t opt to travel in Cebu City as we have much more interest in another journeys and activities which located far from the city.

Anyway, there is a place nearby Cebu City attracts me, which is called “Sirao Flower Garden”. Due to time constraints, I couldn’t fit it into our itinerary. It is a little Amsterdam flower garden located approximately 45 mins away from the city. If you love to see flowers and have time wander in the city, you might not want to miss it.

Day 1 Expenses :
💸100Pesos = RM 8.40

Accommodation : MYR 432 / 1 night / 6 pax
St Marks Hotel :  Book at

Food : PHP 1,896 / MYR 159 / 6 pax
Dinner at Zubuchon (Google Map:

Transport :  PHP 552 / MYR 46 / 6 pax
2 Uber Cars to the hotel via credit card payment option

Body Massage : PHP 3,555  /  MYR 298 / 6 pax

📌 Total Expense of Day 1 : MYR 156 ( 1pax )
*left out expenses for SIM Card details, if not mistaken GLOBE SIM works well in Bohol & Panglao Island
but very weak signal in Cebu area like Oslob & Badian while SMART SIM works reversely.


DAY 2 – Bohol Jungle Discovery

Itinerary of Day 2 in Cebu:
  1. Breakfast at St Mark’s Hotel, Cebu
  2. Depart to Tagbilaran Terminal in Bohol
  3. Visit Tarsier Sanctuary in Bohol
  4. Buffet Lunch & Loboc River Cruise
  5. Play ATV around Bohol Chocolate Hills
  6. Play Bike Zipline at Chocolate Hills Adventure Park
  7. Filipino Dinner at Panglao Island
  8. Airbnb Villa with swimming pool at Panglao Island

How to go Bohol Island from Cebu City by OceanJet

After a night at Cebu City, the next island we travelled is Bohol Island. We departed early in the morning via Uber to the City’s ferry terminal – Cebu Pier 1, in order to catch ferry ⛴ of the morning. While on the way in the car, the unforgettable moment was when I noticed a naked man walking on the road and totally freaked me out! 😰 LOL luckily I managed to cover my eyes on time omg!

Upon arrival at the terminal, we bought for the next ferry tickets on the spot, at one of the ferry companies called OceanJet. It took around 2 hours to reach Bohol’s ferry terminal – Tagbilaran. It’s the capital of Bohol Island. The whole ferry ride was not dizzy but smooth. We bought the indoor seats’ tickets with air-cond & tv, but it was too cold so we switched to the unoccupied seats outside. Seat always better with wind and ocean view, but a sudden drizzle rain isn’t good lol. The pictures above are taken at Tagbilaran Terminal, Bohol.
Refer to the most bottom for the Day 2 expenses and link to see the OceanJet’s timetable & details.

Getting around Bohol Island

As public transport or Grab car hardly find in Bohol & Panglao island, so I booked a driver with a van in advance for our first day in Bohol and third day in Panglao. But if you travel in 2, you can rent a motorcycle which they called as Habal-Habal 🛵, I’m pretty sure the experience will be even amazing!

We didn’t pay anything online in advance, but 50% payment was paid at the end of our first day’s trip. At Tagbilaran terminal, our driver Cocoy from Bohol Fun Tour picked us up and fetched us to the first attraction in Bohol – Tarsier Sanctuary!

Visit Tarsier Sanctuary, Bohol

Over here, you will get a little jungle adventure as there is a kind of special & rare creature is here to play hide and seek game with you. But, you don’t need any jungle life survival kit here 😂 The entrance fees are included a local guide to bring us around in the park to point out where is the creature nestle in. This place is considered very small where less than 20 minutes you will be able to walk out from the conservation park.

This is the unique creature! It may look like monkey or Star War’s Yoda or even Harry Potter’s Dobby, but it is actually called as Tarsier. An endangered creature with their eyes bigger than the brain. This palm-sized creature only active during the night and sleep in daylight.

Our lady guide said that we are lucky enough to be able to get so close with up to 5 tarsiers, as they are sometimes difficult to locate. All of them are hiding under leaves and clinging to a branch with their big eyes widely opened as if they are in fear. Visitors have to stay quiet 🤫 and make sure flash is off 📸, as it might stress them out which may lead to suicide. Overall, it wasn’t a scary or exciting jungle adventure, but a precious chance to get to see this tiny cute ‘monkey’.

A group photo before the next stop!

Buffet Lunch at Loboc River Cruise

Loboc River is our second stop and also where we grabbed our lunch. It is a floating restaurant with Filipino-styled buffet lunch serves onboard before the boat even start cruising. The food was just ok for us or maybe we couldn’t get used to Filipino food lol.

This cruise trip might not suitable for young people as it is kind of boring and it moves so slow along the Loboc River. Also, maybe because it was a raining day, scenery with the lack of blue sky as background is quite disappointing me. There is nothing much to see but just green river surrounded by green jungle.

What I got from the self-service buffet lunch at Loboc Floating Restaurant

The journey is accompanied by a live band playing & singing 1950’s to 70’s songs. It was a little bit too loud and old for us, we did not really enjoy it but we saw other tourists sang and even danced to the music. So ya depends, maybe you will like it! There is also a brief stopover during the cruise, or u can call it as a surprise where folks are dressed up doing native dances and the singing opposite of our boat 💃.

I wouldn’t recommend this cruise to people who love excitement, but a good try to have a glimpse of Filipino food & cultures throughout the journey. This cruise with lunch is available from 11 am to 2 pm, just turn up here within these times to buy tickets on the spot.

Small waterfalls can be noticed at the end of the cruise.

Play ATV at Bohol Chocolate Hills

Next stop is Bohol Chocolate Hills! This is the most famous attractions in Bohol and also why we visit Bohol island. These natural hills look like those hills you can find in children’s drawings. They are fairly uniform in shapes and not too high. The truth is the hills are not in chocolate’s colours but green grassy instead. After research only I found out they turn brown during the dry season only, thus the name!

My friend HJ & his ATV

Instead, visit the famous viewpoint that requires to climb 214 steps above the hills, we went for 2 hours ATV ride by Graham around these cute hills ⛰. The ATV ride brought us to very close up views of the hills, led by two tour guides who also riding ATV along with us. What surprised me is that each hill has different names! The first hill we saw is the Father’s Hill. Standing alone but looking strong!

Father’s Hills

Group photo at Father’s Hills

3 Sisters’ Hills

One of the ATV guide not only helped us taking a lot of photographs but even taught us to pose more interactively with the hills. 📸

Photos came out like below :

Panoramic view of the 8 Sisters’ Hills

Beautiful paddy-fields scenery can be easily admired during the windy ATV ride!

Our ATV ride ends with this very mini rice terraces’ scenery and a sudden drizzle rain 🌧 lol! This mini rice terraces stop is not supposed to be included in our package PHP 900, but I asked for it 😛

Anyway, there are many packages with different durations and options of places offered by Graham ATV Rentals. Be prepare to get dirty and muddy during the ride, if you plan to ride the ATV vigorously. May consider wearing raincoat or face mask to avoid rain, mud or dust. Also, avoid wearing white color outfit.

Next, we headed off to Chocolate Adventure Hills Park to play some adventure activities!

Play Bike Zipline at Chocolate Hills Adventure Park

I thought I will miss the view of the cute hills from view top, unexpectedly we got the chance at Chocolate Hills Adventure Park! 😌 There are many adventure activities provided here but in the end, only one is picked by us. The Bike Zipline! After walking up countless steep stairs step from the information counter, we finally reached the place for Bike Zipline. I stopped panting once as I was thrilled that the amazing panoramic view of hills can be observed here too. I should have wearing a pretty dress here. 😅

Looking so nice & magnificent! 🤩

Feed your eyes with the beautiful lush Chocolate Hills by playing the bike zipline above them! 🚴‍♀️ Just a thing you need to aware of is you have to wear the ugly shower cap before the safety cap lol

However, this activity ended up with anger, as the staff working at the photography center was behaving so rude to us 😡. Be aware that you need to pay for your picture which taken by a mouldy camera lens. Luckily picture is able to be saved through my editing.

Bike Zipline at Chocolate Hills Adventure Park

Over-exposed group photo lol

off to Panglao Island

Leaving Chocolate Hills to Panglao Island in the evening. It is another island besides Bohol Island. We actually passed by one of the Bohol’s attractions on the way, the Man-made Forest 🌿. But, we decided to skip it as we have not much interest in it and the sky was getting darker. There is no parking, just pull over to the shoulder of the road in order to enjoy the forest view.

Again no research on food, our driver suggested us a restaurant for our dinner while on the way heading to the Panglao Island. We didn’t know where is the restaurant, but it took us so long to arrive from Chocolate Hills Adventure Park. Some more we had waited 1 hour for our dinner to be served, even though only 1 table was occupied by other customers at that time. OMG! Hungry die us. The meal was finally served in a super big tray which covered with banana leaf. But the rice is more than anything else lol. Ok, so overall is not delicious.  Still, our special travel memories!

Cebu, Philiphines

After finishing our dinner, we quickly depart to our Airbnb nearby Alona beach in Panglao to get rest. It is a villa with 3 bedrooms and has a private swimming pool in the backyard. Everything is ok, just the water pressure is super low! More than 10 minutes walking distance back and forth from Alona beach is quite tiring. But, luckily the swimming pool healed us lol 🏊‍♀️


Day 2 Expenses :
💸100Pesos = MYR 8.40

Accommodation : MYR 455 / 1 night / 6 pax
Airbnb W House nearby Alona Beach :

Food : PHP 3,200 / MYR 268 / 6 pax

  1. Breakfast at St Marks Hotel in Cebu :  PHP 960 / MYR 80 / 6 pax
  2. Dinner at Double J Hotel in Panglao island : PHP 2,240 / MYR 188 / 6 pax

Transport :  PHP 6,440 / MYR 539 / 6 pax

  1. To Cebu Terminal by Uber : PHP 218 / MYR 18 / 6 pax
  2. To Bohol Tagbilaran Terminal by OceanJet Ferry (Ticket+Terminal Fees+LuggageFees) :
    PHP 3,000 + PHP 150 + PHP 72 / MYR 270 / 6 pax
    OceanJet info:
  3. Driver & Van for Day 02 : PHP 3,000 / MYR 251 / 6 pax
    Booked at

Attraction/Activity : PHP 12,300  /  MYR 1,030 / 6 pax

  1. Tarsier Sanctuary Ticket : PHP 360 / MYR 30 / 6 pax
    Google Map:
  2. Loboc River Cruise with buffet lunch ticket : PHP 3,180 / MYR 266 / 6 pax
    Available from 11 am to 2 pm, Google Map:
  3. Graham ATV Rental & 2-Hours Ride Package : PHP 5,400 / MYR 452 / 6 pax
    Graham Entrance Fees: PHP 300 / MYR 25 / 6 pax
  4. Chocolate Hills Adventure Park
    Entrance Fees : PHP 360 / MYR 30 / 6 pax
    Bike Zipline Ticket : PHP 2,700 / MYR 226 / 6 pax
    Google Map:
📌 Total Expenses of Day 2 : MYR 382 ( 1pax )

Other Bohol’s attractions/activities that we excluded:

  • Play Stand Up Paddle (SUP) at Loboc River Resort – time constraints
  • Habitat Butterfly Conservation Centre – Friend not interested
  • Chocolate Hills Complex (viewpoint) – lazy climb
  • Man-Made Forest – passed by
  • Baclayon Church – not interested

Official website about Bohol Tourism:

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