Cebu Itinerary, Travel Guide & Budget for 7D7N

Philippine is a country with an extensive group of beautiful islands, which means you can do countless island hopping here. I had a good impression for the beautiful Philippines, it was when I went Boracay in 2015! The gorgeous and super long white sand beach is what I miss the most!

This time, I travelled to Cebu for 7 Days & 7 Nights with five of my friends. With expenses RM 2,300 per pax, we had travelled up to 5 islands in total! Those 5 includes Cebu Island, Bohol Island, Panglao Island, Virgin Island, and Sumilon Island.

Read the following for What to do in Cebu, Where to stay in Cebu, Cebu Expenses & Budgets, Cebu Itinerary, Tips & What to bring.


Oslob Whale Shark

1. Snorkelling to watch Whale Sharks in Oslob

✅ Tick off a bucket-list experience in Cebu which is swimming with the biggest fish in the world – The Whale Sharks 🐋. You can choose to have 30 minutes of watching whale sharks from the boat or go for snorkelling to see whale sharks. If you have a diving license you can go for the 1-hour diving. These gigantic whale sharks will definitely astonish you. Read the complete Cebu Oslob Whale Shark Travel Guide here.


2. Visit the stunning Tumalog Falls in Oslob

✅ After whale shark watching, be sure to visit the heavenly beautiful Tumalog Falls which is nearby! Hire a Habal-Habal (Motorcycle) at the main road to Tumalog Falls instead of walking. Plus, don’t forget to dip your feet in the natural fish-spa pool! Read more about Tumalog Falls here.

Kawasan Falls Canyoneering

3. Canyoneering at Kawasan Falls, Badian

✅ Take up the challenge of extreme outdoor activity in Badian –  Canyoneering at Kawasan Falls. The journey of Canyoneering is up to 5 hours of long hikes at the beautiful landscape with countless waterfalls ✨. The highlight of the activity is you get to jump from 5 to 6 high cliffs into green-turquoise deep pool, river and waterfalls, some even from 40ft high! Recommend you to join this adventure in Cebu! Read The Complete Cebu Kawasan Falls Canyoneering Travel Guide & Tips here.

Chocolate Hills

4. Island Hopping to Bohol Island & Visit Chocolate Hills

✅ There are many islands nearby Cebu Island, why don’t stay longer to explore these beautiful neighbouring islands too? From Cebu city’s ferry terminal, just take a 3 hours ferry to the Bohol island. Over here, you can play ATV & Bike Zipline at the unique Chocolate Hills ⛰, watch Tarsier for the first time in your lifetime, and enjoy a buffet lunch while cruising on Loboc River.  Read The Travel Guide of Cebu City to Bohol Island here. 

5. Explore Beach, Cave, Ocean at Panglao Island

✅ After a day trip in Bohol Island, you can choose to visit and stay at the neighbouring island – Panglao. Relax in a hammock at the picture-perfect Dumaluan Beach 🌴. You can truly find a sense of peace in mind at this quiet white beach. Besides, you can visit the unique Hinagdanan Cave before or after you take an OceanJet ferry to Oslob at Tagbilaran Ferry Terminal. A small underground cave with crystal clear natural pool inside, which you are allowed to swim in it. Next, watch the magnificent sunset on the ocean 🌅while heading back to Cebu island by LiteFerry. Read the Travel Guide to Panglao Island here.

Bohol Bee Farm

6. Enjoy sumptuous organic food at Bohol Bee Farm Restaurant

✅ When you are in Panglao Island, don’t forget to go to Bohol Bee Farm restaurant to enjoy a sumptuous yet beautiful organic meal 🥗 while overlooking the Bohol Sea. Try their signature ice creams! They have quite many facilities at their resort and even a tour of their farm is available. You might consider staying overnight here! Read more here.

Virgin Island

7. Eat the freshest seafood at Virgin Island, Panglao

✅ Be amazed by this hidden paradise-like island 🏝 or more like a sandbar in the middle of the ocean 🌊. During low-tide, you can literally wade across the ocean from boat to the seafood stalls on the sandbar. You can buy a variety of freshly caught seafood here like abalones, sea cucumbers, sea urchins and the merchants will cook right away for you! Most importantly, all at affordable prices, where 1 big abalone only costs PHP 100/ around MYR 7.

Sign up island hoppings package at the shore of Alona Beach (Panglao). So, you can go for Dolphin Watching during sunrise. Then, go snorkelling/diving at the marine sanctuary –  Balicasag Island, in order to see the impressive 50m deep submarine cliff and a wide range of marine life 🐠 and beautiful corals.  Itinerary end with a fresh seafood lunch 😋 at Virgin Island, before the boatmen send u back to Alona Beach. Read the Travel Guide to Virgin Island,Panglao here.

Sumilon sandbar

8. Island Hopping to Bluewater Sumilon Island, Oslob

✅ By just getting a day tour pass, you can visit this private resort island and enjoy most of their facilities without any hotel room booking. Plenty of things to enjoy includes swimming 🏊‍♀️ at the infinity pool, kayaking, snorkelling, and many more! Plus, the day tour pass is including a sumptuous buffet lunch by the bluest beach! During low tide, a beautiful sandbar will be emerged from the ocean and becomes a white beach for you to sunbath! 🌞Read the Oslob Bluewater Sumilon Island Travel Guide here.


There are two accommodations I would recommend which are :

1. Matutinao Beach & Cottages in Badian

They provide affordable 8 hotel rooms with the beach right in front of doorstep! There are 8 rooms only and we got ours at RM 86 a night. Highly recommended a stay here if you plan to visit Kawasan Falls, especially if you do Canyoneering. The location is very near and convenient! Plus, you can have a Filipino meal with a beautiful sunset and the beach! Read more here: Day 6 in Cebu.

2. Tum’s Resort in Oslob

The place is actually a private building with just 4 rooms only, which I booked via Airbnb. Staff able to cook us a sumptuous breakfast even at 4 am before we go for whale shark watching. Love the beach view at the yard is really pretty ✨, especially during sunrise and sunset. Read more here: Day 5 in Cebu.


💸 Currency Rate : 100 Pesos (PHP) = MYR 8.40

Total Expenses per pax :  MYR  2,300

Flight Ticket : MYR 540 (AirAsia, with 20kg luggages, insurance & meals)
Accommodation : MYR 560
Food : MYR 364
Transport : MYR 253
Entrance Fees & Activity : MYR 586

Excluded Other Entertainment: MYR 109 / 1 pax ( Massage,etc. )


The best time travel to Cebu is during the winter season, which is from November to February. More sunny day and humid during this period based on my Google research. Weather forecasts show every day will be rain in Cebu before we go to Cebu. Unexpectedly, we only experienced drizzle rain with a cloudy day 🌧 on our second day to Bohol Island, other days’ weather was so good and sunny!🌞 So lucky!

Our 7D7N Cebu Trip was on: 28th January 2018, Sunday to 4th February 2018, Sunday
The reason for super throwback is because I was so busying with works during the first half year of 2018. Even after so long, I still hoping to finish record everything here as memories. Hope these writings of mine are helpful for you.

Sumilon Island


There is only 1 flight time available on AirAsia when we booked our flight tickets. Due to late flight time, we didn’t allocate any itinerary for the first day and last day before the flight.
KUALA LUMPUR (KUL) to CEBU (CEB) : 11:20 (AM) > 15:20 (PM)
CEBU (CEB) to KUALA LUMPUR (KUL) : 07:05 (AM) > 10.55 (AM)

Things you have to know before you book your flight to Cebu :
  1. Famous Travel spots in Cebu aren’t in Cebu city itself but all scattered at different areas of Cebu island.
  2. Most of the people or tours arranged to stay in Cebu city and depart very early in the morning to and back from the travel spots, which at least need 3 hours ride. We managed to skip this! Check my itinerary.
  3. Wake up early needed mainly due to point no.1 & no.2, also because of sunrise activity like Whale Shark watching.

Our Cebu trip is 7 days 7 nights, and we managed to avoid travel back and forth from Cebu city to different travel destinations which are located away from the city. If you want no hassle or lazy to do research, you can follow my itinerary exactly, or just refer to transport.

Refer to below picture for our 7D7N Cebu Trip’s Routes.

South Palm Resort

CEBU 7D7N Itinerary (Summary)

Click brown-coloured titles to find out more detailed travel guides & expenses of different places in Cebu that I had visited. Each of them also includes my travel experiences and tips.

Day 1 : Cebu City

Cebu Mactan airport (AirAsia) – St’Marks Hotel in Cebu – Dinner at Zubuchon Restaurant – Body Massage – Hotel

Day 2 : Cebu City – Bohol Island – Panglao Island

Hotel Breakfast – Cebu Pier 1 Ferry Terminal – Bohol Tagbilaran Ferry Terminal – Tarsier Sanctuary – Loboc River Cruise & Buffet Lunch – Chocolate Hills ATV (by Graham) – Bike Zipline at Chocolate Adventure Hills – Dinner on Panglao Island – Panglao Airbnb (nearby Alona Beach)

Day 3 : Panglao Island – Virgin Island – Panglao Island

Breakfast at Panglao – Fresh Seafood lunch on Virgin Island – Dinner at Alona Beach – Body Massage – Airbnb
Consider to include Balicasag Island & Dolphin Watching together with Virgin Island.

Day 4 : Panglao Island – Bohol Terminal – Cebu Island

Dolphin Watching nearby Alona Beach – Breakfast at Dumaluan Beach – Relax at Dumaluan Beach – Lunch at Bee Farm Restaurant – Swimming at Hinagdanan Cave – Bohol Tagbilaran Ferry Terminal – LiteFerry to Argao Ferry Terminal – Bus to Oslob – Airbnb in Oslob – Dinner at Paul & Madz

Day 5 : Cebu Oslob – Bluewater Sumilon Island – Oslob

Sunrise at Oslob Airbnb – Bluewater Sumilon Island & Sandbar – Buffet Lunch – Oslob Dinner

Day 6 : Cebu Oslob – Cebu Badian

Airbnb Breakfast – Snorkelling with whale sharks – Tumalog Falls – Lunch at Paul & Madz – Bus to Badian hotel (Matutinao Hotel) – Dinner by Matutinao Beach
Consider to include Aguinid Falls in Samboan, after Oslob and before Badian.

Day 7 & 8: Oslob – Badian – Cebu City – Cebu Mactan Airport

Hotel Breakfast – Canyoneering at Kawasan Falls Badian – Lunch at Matutinao – Bus to Cebu city – Jollibee Dinner – Hotel near the airport – 4 am to Cebu Mactan Airport
Consider to include Moalboal (Snorkelling for Sardine Run, Turtle,etc.) if you have 1 extra day before head back to Cebu city.

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