Hualien 1 Day Travel Guide 花蓮一日遊

Hualien 1 Day Trip

6th Day of my 10D9N Taiwan Trip
Weather ☼ Hualien: 29°Celsius


1. Admire the Sea cliff of Qingshui 清水斷涯

After had our breakfast buffet at the hotel, we came to admire the famous Qingshui Cliff. There are big Qingshui 大清水斷崖 and small Qingshui 小清水斷崖 with observations decks that offer a splendid view of the 800meters high coastal cliffs. Both decks located around 2 to 3 km apart. The stunning view of the high cliffs with emerald-blue water of the Pacific ocean really took my breath away. This nature’s wonder is definitely your must-go place in Hualien!

sky meets ocean


2. Visit Tzu Chi Foundation 慈濟靜思精舍

We had actually been in Hualien and met the founder of Tzu Chi about ten years plus ago. This time, my parents decided to make a special trip to this Tzu Chi Foundation (where the founder stay) hoping to meet the sifu again. This place is so tranquil as it is far away from the city and surrounded by mountains and nature. It is really an ideal place to meditate and calm your mind. If you have time, can simply drop by this public place and have a vegetarian meal here.

Note: Tzu Chi Foundation is a very famous Buddhist non-governmental organization that often collect funds for disaster relief worldwide.


3. Lunch at Hualien Jiaxing Lemon Juice 佳興小吃與檸檬汁店

We then came to this local restaurant which renowned for their fresh home-made lemon juice to have lunch. When we arrived, there were already many customers queuing outside for buying the lemon juice and most of the tables inside were occupied too. The lemon juice tastes quite sour for me but it’s really can quench the thirst quickly. The signature fried noodle 什錦乾麵 is in a very large portion with many seafood. As for other side dishes just taste very homey. Can try it out if you are nearby!

The signature Lemon Juice comes in a big bottle
Signature Fried Noodles 什錦炒麵 TW$ 80/bowl
Braised pork over rice 滷肉飯 is our must-order-dish wherever it’s available


4. Strolling at Qixingtan Beach 七星潭

After had a very full lunch, we get some exercises by strolling at this beautiful seashore of Pacific ocean. Qixingtan is not a beach with sand but with countless of pebble stones. Many local people were sitting along the beach merely looking at the sea enjoy the sea breeze. In the morning, you can watch the sun rises up from the beautiful horizon. As for the night, this place becomes a good spot for stargazing. If you find it boring, can go cycling on the coastal bikeway. There is also some street food stall or food truck nearby, selling ice cream, corn, coconut drink and so on.

We could occasionally hear a thunder-like sound from the sky here. It was actually the fighter jet taking off from the nearby Hualien Air Force Base. Anyway, it was still peaceful and relaxing to wander around this place.

Couples shooting at the seashore
Pebble stones everywhere
The coastal bikeway of Qingxingtan beach
Fighter jet taking off
mom with calm sea


5. Pass by the Pine Garden 松園別館

This is a historical building which used to be a Japanese military site during WWII. Now, it is a cultural centre showcasing some historical things. Entrance fee is 50 TW$. We didn’t go into the centre but just walked around the majestic pine trees in the garden and visited the souvenir shops selling aboriginal craftworks. Nothing interesting. You can go to the cafe for a light meal or afternoon tea if you wanna take a break.


6. Visit Yunshanshui 花蓮雲山水夢幻湖

Yunshanshui is a place where you will walk through an aisle of palm trees to where you can see mountains, lakes and numerous greenery. It is a place to enjoy in nature not too far away from the city. There are many Airbnb and villas scattered around in YunShanShui. You may consider staying overnight here if you love to.

Anyway, this place is somehow quite a quirky place for me. Maybe because of the cloudy sky, the weird tree branches, and the green colour still water in the pond and lake. The most attractive spot for me is the little waterfall on the lake full of tree branches. We walked past the beautiful trail above it not long before we go back to the entrance.

Due to the rises of tourists’ visit, there are many construction projects going on around this place. So, don’t expect too much for this place will be nice.

⚠ Beware of the sand flies ⚠

Beware of the mosquitoes / sandflies / so-called black biting flies 小黑蚊, at this place (or maybe around the whole Taiwan). I got bitten all over my legs and hands which leave scars that only disappear after a couple of months. It was super itchy and irritating on next 4 days after the biting. So do remember to wear long pants and apply insect repellent!

夢幻湖 – the ‘dreamy lake’
road signage to the beautiful villa – 花蓮雲山水有熊的森林Villa
walking through this little waterfall on the lake


7. Dinner at 松田釣魚池

Our driver brought us to this special seafood restaurant which is at the outskirts of Hualien. This place is actually a leisure fishing pond site. There are local people come here just for fishing activity instead of a dinner.

Their signature grilled fish with salt is really delicious and big in size. The fish meat is so tender and without any fishy smell. Same goes with their Fish soup. As for other dishes like fried rice and vegetables just taste so normal. So if you come here must try their fresh fish instead of other dishes. Do book your table in advance.


8. Strolling around the streets in Hualien

Returning to the city of Hualien, we spent some times walking around the busy streets. Hanging red lanterns with overlapping Chinese written signages made the streets look so happening at night. When we passed by those food stalls and restaurants with a long queue, we really felt like joining them. Sadly we were too full of dinner lol.

I unintentionally discovered a special craft shop – 花草空間along one of the street. I was first attracted by the exquisite and amazing miniature works displayed at the storefront. Beside selling those minature handicrafts, they are actually a restaurant serves various beautiful vegetarian food. Check out the Google’s reviews, it’s been high-rated.

Delicious Papaya Milk, which u can get from any convenient stores in Taiwan.
walked back to our hotel



  ▪ 早餐:花蓮阿思瑪麗景大飯店
▪ 景點:小清水斷崖大清水斷崖看海崖
▪ 景點:拜訪慈濟靜思精舍
▪ 午餐:花蓮佳興小吃與檸檬汁店
▪ 景點:去七星潭散步
▪ 景點:經過松園別館
▪ 景點:遊走花蓮雲山水夢幻湖
▪ 晚餐:松田釣魚池
▪ 景點:遊逛花蓮大街
▪ 住宿:花蓮阿思瑪麗景大飯店

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