Cebu Kawasan Falls Canyoneering Complete Travel Guide & Tips

Kawasan Falls

DAY 7 – Extraordinary Adventure in falls & forest

Itinerary of Day 7:
  1. Breakfast at Matutinao
  2. Canyoneering at Kawasan Falls
  3. Lunch at Matutinao
  4. Take bus to Cebu City
  5. Check-in hotel in Cebu City
  6. Take-away Jolibee
  7. Day 08: Depart to Airport at 4 am

Scroll to bottom for Guides & Tips of Kawasan Falls.

Video about our 5-hours journey at Kawasan Falls, Badian.

Canyoneering at Kawasan Falls in Badian, Cebu

For the last part of our journey in Cebu, I had chosen one of the main attraction in Cebu – Kawasan Falls in Badian. The interesting thing to do is the Canyoneering activity. It is the most extreme, crazy and dangerous activity that I have ever done in my life! 😎 That’s why the last day, just in case we got any injury (choi~) so we can go home 🛫 the next day LOL.

Kawasan Falls

What is canyoneering in Cebu?

Canyoneering is travelling in canyons using a variety of techniques that may include other outdoor activities such as walking, scrambling, climbing, jumping, abseiling (rappelling), and swimming. Source: Wikipedia.

At Badian, you will encounter long hikes, jungle trekking, wading, swimming, rock scrambling, hopping, sliding, water-sliding, and 5-6 times of Cliff Jumping (some with waterfalls). It is really an ideal activity for you to get up close with the beautiful landscapes in Badian, especially the countless waterfalls and the green-turquoise deep water against the green forest. It is the most recommended outdoor activity to do in Cebu which you must not miss!

You do not require ropes (abseiling)🧗‍♀️, swim skill 🏊‍♀️ and very good sports experiences to join this activity as there is a professional guide(s) accompany you to guide you along the entire journey. What you really need to be ready is your mind, a mind which is ready for a long hike and the courage to jump into deep water. Still, there are other trails for those who opt not to jump.

Canyoneering in Badian takes around 4 to 6 hours to reach the final destination – Kawasan Falls. So it’s best to keep your time whole day for Kawasan Falls and stay nearby it.

Our Canyoneering Experiences

Unfortunately, it was a raining day on our last day in Cebu. We had our breakfast at Matutinao hotel while having the discussion about whether we should go canyoneering in Badian or cancel it. There is an option about doing only half canyoneering, where we will be sent over to the midpoint to start. However, Matutinao staff recommended doing the FULL canyoneering as the interesting part is from the starting point to the midpoint📍. They also reassured us that drizzle rain is okay to do canyoneering and not dangerous at all as there are guides will be with us guiding and instructing. Unexpectedly, we decided to go for entire canyoneering in the end, regardless of all the doubts and risks.

On bad weather, we were sent to the starting point by Habal-Habal (motorcycles) 🏍 from Matutinao Beach & Cottages. Look at the mist and sky.🌧

Kawasan Falls

Kawasan FallsGroup photo at the starting point

Kawasan FallsKawasan FallsJungle Trekking

Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Falls CanyoneeringKawasan Falls Canyoneering

After almost half an hour walking on the muddy trail, we had a short rest 📸 before hike between canyons, rivers and falls. Sadly it was a rainy day, water wasn’t so clear and turquoise-coloured like what I saw in research’s pictures.

Just a short hike and rock scramble, we had reached the first cliff jumping point. I think that first jump was about 10 ft high. I was so scared when looking down from the cliff and worrying about jumping into the water with rocks. I had hesitated more than half a minute before I finally jumped. 🤣 After a few jumps at Kawasan Falls, what I had learnt is the more you wait looking down, the more fear will conquer you.

Kawasan Falls Canyoneering BadianCliff Jump into a waterfall

Kawasan Falls CanyoneeringHad this group photo after completed our first jump here 👌

Kawasan Falls CanyoneeringLook at our guides (left pic) who can casually stand on slippery rocks.
Rocks Scrambling

Be immersed yourself in the waterfalls 💦 and enjoy the 100% natural massage haha
Wading across a shallow river

The raining day didn’t fully spoil the beauty of Kawasan Falls✨. The canyons, the forest and the countless falls still took my breath away. We discovered some overlapped stones (below pic) during canyoneering, where people used to make this when they got lost so people able to trace or pick up their trail. 👣 It was quite a knowledge to me who live in the city all the time.

In the midst of forest and canyons, you will unexpectedly find barbecue food stalls selling food like sausages, pork, etc. Our guides told us this place is the midpoint and also the starting point of half canyoneering. After had quick bites, we continue our journey by jumping off the cliff into the river beside the food stalls area 😱. Well, the food tastes awful for me lol. Tips: Be careful with the food’s hygiene 😅

BBQ Food Stalls at the midpoint

YOU ARE OUGHT TO LISTEN TO YOUR GUIDE’S INSTRUCTIONS AND DO EXACTLY TO KEEP YOURSELF SAFE DURING CANYONEERING. I was so lucky that I didn’t come back with an injured face omg 🤕. There was when I forgot what guide has told me not to take a big step or more than a step when jumping into the river beside the BBQ food stalls. As there is a canyon’s wall facing right opposite us, if we take a too big step when jumping, we will hit the wall OR the rapid river’s water current will push us into the wall after the jump.

When I opened my eyes after my nervous jump, I realised I had only an inch away from the wall 😨. Thank God, I have my face safe without any injury, but our guide was scolding me for being acting so dangerously. I was feeling so lucky but terrified about what had happened even after I had come back from the trip OMG!!! 😰

Kawasan FallsLove this floating pose even though we failed to do it lol.

The place in the above picture is where you can find Rope Swings and multiple cascades. We didn’t spend time checking out this area and never try playing the rope swing😭. As our guide told us is dangerous and we had consumed a long time for our journey so far. Anyway, we took a photo here but with droplets on 🙄 Read my tips at the most bottom of this post.

Kawasan Falls Canyoneering

Another group photo after we did a fun sequence falls into the lake behind.

The huge damp at Kawasan Falls

Choose Half Canyoneering or Full Canyoneering at Kawasan Falls ?

Just like what we were told by the Matutinao staff, the first part of the activity really more interesting compared to the second part journey to the final destination. The first part of the activity involved more jungle trekking, water sliding and cliff jumping, which are those interesting ones, for me. The water sliding is the one I love the most. Also, more beautiful scenes, waterfalls can be found and more water to dip into! 😍

For the second half part of Canyoneering, there were a lot of rock scrambling and non-stop canyon trekking needed until we reached the next jumping points from the midpoint’s cliff jump (BBQ food stalls there). At a moment, I really felt giving up deep in my heart about continue walking forward, because it was really tiring and exhausting 😣 for having a super long trek across the forest on a rainy day🌧.

For the first part of the activity, we took around 1 hour and a half to arrive the Midpoint (BBQ food stalls) from the starting point. The second part, we took around 2 hours to finally reach the Second level of Kawasan Falls.

The first hour on the second part is the most boring for me, keep walking and scrambling on rocks. Then the second hour, we noticed rope swing area, small photo-worth falls area, huge dam wall and last but not least the Kawasan Falls. This is where you can find restaurants, transport, and crowds of course. People who never do canyoneering will walk in from the main road to here by paying an entrance fee of PHP 20. On the other hand, we had to jump about 40ft high into the natural pool at this place called the Second level of Kawasan Falls, in order to reach the restaurant area to continue our journey. Anyway, there is also another walking trail for those who don’t want to jump.

So in conclusion, I think full canyoneering is definitely more interesting and fun than merely joining half of the activity!

The highest jump point at Kawasan Falls (second level) 😵

Scenic view before the highest jump 😍

Second level of Kawasan Falls

A hair-flipped pose to record the most unforgettable moment after I completed the highest cliff jump at the Second level of Kawasan Falls lol 🤣. In fact, I failed to straighten my body when I was doing the 40ft high jump here. I immediately felt my body was numb and super painful after hitting the water. I yelled for my bf to move me away by pulling my lifejacket. 🤦‍♀️

20 mins later,  we reached the (below pic) famous Instagram photo-spot at Kawasan Falls. Truly beautiful! If not mistaken, this is the First level of Kawasan Falls. We didn’t play the Bamboo rafting at either second level or first level of Kawasan Falls, because our guides told us that the government had announced to restrict people from playing the dangerous Bamboo Rafting.

From here we took another 30 minutes walking to the exit of Kawasan Falls on the main road. There were many picturesque views along the way. I guess we can actually opt to choose hanging out here by ourselves after the First level of Kawasan Falls and probably going out to the exit without our guides. But, we were exhausted and hungry so we just followed our guides until we reached Matutinao.

Upon approaching the exit, we found many merchants selling food or things. We bought some wild honey here and tried the local chocolate flavoured ‘doughnut’ here. Lastly, at the exit, we rewarded ourselves by buying cheesy corns in cups for finally completed the FULL Canyoneering 👏 !

Completed Full Canyoneering & return to Matutinao

Just a short walking distances from the corns stall, we arrived at our hotel – Matutinao Beach & Cottages. We capped off our trip at Badian by taking a jumping pose group photo 📸, before we had the included lunch at Matutinao’s restaurant. It wasn’t a buffet style or sumptuous meal, there were white rice and fried chicken for each of us, plus a sharing fried noodle.🍝

I had such an unforgettable experience at Kawasan Falls, strongly recommended for people who never tried before! You might end up feeling proud of yourself for being able to conquer your own fear for cliff jumping 😇.

Back to Cebu City

After had our late lunch, we were allowed to get a shower in our checked-out hotel rooms. Mattutinao staff was so friendly by helping us grab a Ceres bus to Cebu city, so we could sit in the restaurant to wait until the bus arrived.

Around 3 hours of bus ride, we reached the South Bus Terminal in Cebu city safely. Then, we took Uber to take away our food at Jollibee, the famous fast food in the Philippines, before we check-in our hotel located near the airport. We ended our amazing trip by departing to Airport around 3-4am.

Where to book Canyoneering & Where we’ve stayed in Badian?

Activity is open from 6 am to 3 pm.
We booked our canyoneering activity at Matutinao Beach & Cottages. It is where we stayed the night before, see more pictures on my blog about Day 06 in Cebu. Highly recommended to stay overnight here! We were allowed to leave our belongings in the room and get a shower even after check-out time. Plus, affordable hotel room with beach view at the doorstep is definitely cool.

How much is Canyoneering in Cebu and What is included?

Canyoneering activity costs PHP 1,500 per person.

  1. Habal-Habal (Motorcycle) ride to the starting point
  2. Entrance Fee
  3. Life vest & Helmet
  4. 500ml of water & a Fudgee Bar at the front pocket of life vest
  5. Professional Guide(s)
  6. Lunch upon return at Matutinao restaurant

Note: We travelled in a group of 6 so we got 2 guides with us during canyoneering.

Kawasan Falls Canyoneering
How to go Kawasan Falls?

If you already in Oslob, just take a local bus to Bato Terminal, then transfer to another bus that goes to Badian or Cebu City (via Barili). It took us nearly 2 hours to reach the last bus station, which is our destination – Matutinao Beach & Cottages. We spent PHP 125/pax to Bato Terminal and then P75/pax to Matutinao Beach.

If you are coming from Cebu, it will be around 3 hours to reach Kawasan Falls. Take a Ceres Bus (Bato via Barili) at South Terminal in Cebu City, around PHP 120/pax. Bus available every 30 minutes from 4 am to 6 pm. Do not take a bus to Bato via Oslob.

Note: We spent PHP 160/pax to leave Matutinao to South Terminal Cebu.

Kawasan Falls Canyoneering
Tips for Canyoneering at Kawasan Falls
  • Bring a dry bag with a sling for essentials only (if any). But is better not to carry anything, easier with your hands-free. Our Guides helped us carry our 2 bags when we do cliff jumping or water slide down.
  • Wear proper shoes for an outdoor activity or rent one water boot at PHP 20-50/pair. There are many slippery rocks in the forest and you have to scramble, swim, etc, so it is best to wear covered sports shoes.
  • Make sure well-rested the night before and have a breakfast before you go for Canyoneering, so you have the energy for the 5 hours canyoneering activity at Kawasan Falls. Otherwise, you will be feeling reluctant to finish the canyoneering or feeling exhausted during the journey.
  • As the activity’s duration is very long and the latest time to start is around 2-3pm, so it’s best to start as early as possible. Do bring extra batteries and memory cards!
  • Bring a sports camera! You might not want to miss capturing the moment when you take your biggest courage to jump 40ft high of a cliff with truly beautiful scenery.
  • Follow and do exactly what your experienced guide say, like how to jump and which area to avoid, etc.
  • Don’t hesitate when you are about to jump, you might get hurt by slipping down from the cliff.
  • Keep your body straight when do cliff jumping so you will not get hurt when you hit the water.
  • Water droplets and mist are you perfect photo killer! Be sure to have an anti-droplet solution for your lens!
  • Bring some cash to buy some BBQ snacks at the halfway of Canyoneering, if you would like to.

Notes: All pictures were mostly taken by my old phone Oppo F1 Plus, only group photos are taken by my friend’s sports camera.


Day 7 & 8 Expenses :
💸100Pesos = MYR 8.40

Accommodation : PHP 3,200 / MYR 267 / 1 night / 2 rooms (4+2)/ 6 pax
Centro Mactan Suites :

Food : PHP 1,712 / MYR 143 / 6 pax

  1. Breakfast at Matutinao : PHP 750 / MYR 63 / 6 pax
    Google Map:
  2. Lunch at Matutinao : included in Canyoneering Fees
  3. Dinner take-away Jolibee : PHP 962 / MYR 81 / 6 pax

Transport : PHP 6,138 / MYR 514 /  6 pax

  1. Public Bus (Ceres Bus) to South Terminal in Cebu City : PHP 960  / MYR 80  / 6 pax
    Google Map South Bus Terminal Cebu :
  2. Uber to Takeaway & Hotel : PHP 462 / MYR 39 / 6 pax
  3. Uber to Airport (20mins) : PHP 216  / MYR 18 / 6 pax

Attraction/Activity : PHP 9,000 / MYR 754 /  6 pax

  1. Canyoneering at Kawasan Falls : PHP 9,000 / MYR 754 / 6 pax
    Google Map:
📌 Total Expenses of Day 7 & 8 : MYR 235 ( 1pax )



My blog about 7D7N Cebu Trip has been divided into different parts, mainly sorted by day(s) as below :

  1. DAY 1 & 2 : Cebu City to Bohol Island
  2. DAY 3 : Virgin Island, Alona Beach in Panglao
  3. DAY 4 : Panglao Island
  4. DAY 5 : Bluewater Sumilon Island, Oslob
  5. DAY 6 : Oslob Whale Shark & Tumalog Falls
  6. DAY 7 & 8 : Kawasan Falls, Badian
  7. 7 Days 7 Nights in Cebu (Summary)

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hi, is it possible to visit kawasan falls without canyoneering activities?

hwehyong July 27, 2019 - 5:15 pm

Hi Ee Ling,

Yes. It’s possible to go to Kawasan Falls without canyoneering activities. Just straight walk to the “Second level of Kawasan Falls” from the entrance of Kawasan Falls.


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