Kenting 1 Day Travel Guide 墾丁一天行程

Travel from Taitung to Kenting

8th Day of my 10D9N Taiwan Trip
Weather ☼ Kenting 28°Celsius


1. Drop by the station Duoliang Railway Station多良觀光車站

It was perfect sunny weather when we arrived at this beautiful coastal train station in Taitung. You will need to walk on the sloping road up to the small viewing platform to get the views like below. I think it was the nice weather 🌞 created a mesmerizing view where the railway meets the Pacific ocean. If you are lucky enough, you will even able to catch a train passing from or into the tunnel 🚞 . It will be a perfect postcard-view! Unfortunately, the train only passed by just after a minute we left the viewing platform😑.

During our round-Taiwan trip, we noticed a lot of cyclists 🚴 were cycling along the roadside. At Duoliang Station we coincidently bumped into a special twin in Spiderman’s costumes. I wondered how could they endure with the Kenting’s hot weather in their tight wearing lol.


2. Lunch at coastal seafood restaurant – 旭海紅牌海產店

We came to a local seafood restaurant next to a beautiful port ⚓️ had our lunch. Freshly caught wild lobsters is their signature dish. But in the end, we didn’t order any lobster. Instead, we ordered a steamed fish, squid-made balls, crispy pork intestines and stir-fried vegetables. It turned out we love their crispy pork intestines. It taste so yummy!

After the meal, we took a few minutes to enjoy the beautiful port’s view at this remote place.



3. Eat popsicles at Kenting soared Sada people 墾丁飆沙達人

Next, our driver brought us to this beautiful seashore! It is actually a shop offering the fun sandy ATV ride. Due to time’s constraints, we didn’t join the activity. So, we bought fruit-flavoured popsicles from the super friendly shopowners to eat while enjoying the splendid sea view here.

Popsicle is summer must-have!
“Slow down and beware of crab crossing the road” LOL


4. Pass by surfing beach Gangkou Beach 港口海灘

Then we came to this surfing beach to take a stroll and watch people having fun with surfing 🏄. It was funny when my sister managed to snap a picture of me with a surfing guy walking towards me 😆.


5. Sightseeing at windy Fengchuisha 風吹砂

If you are heading to Kenting from Taitung, strongly recommend to stop by at this roadside beach. This place offers a breathtaking sea view with an unbelievable strong wind that might able to blow away any small-sized people. The sand from the seashore blows upwards by the extremely strong wind and intriguingly accumulate sand dunes at the roadside. However, the phenomenon is no longer obvious nowadays. You can only notice more sand near the seashore and amidst grassy meadows. Beware of the strong wind especially if you are standing near the cliff. Spectacular panorama with the cosy wind of Spring definitely made this place into my favourite.

Some rocky surfaces along the cliff overlooking the amazing blue sea
This way down to the sand dunes near the seashore
Beautiful panorama of Fengchuisha
The borderless Pacific sea view
my mom and dad also love to take pictures 😂😅


6. Sightseeing at Longpan Park龍磐公園 

Next, we came to another beautiful coastline attraction faces the Pacific Ocean – The Longpan Park. This place knows for its unique landscape. It has amazing vast green land and uplifted coral reef rocky surface in beautiful shades of brown along the steep sloping cliff. The impressive horizon views making this place a perfect spot to admire the boundless sea, sunset/sunrise and stars. You really can find gradients of blue colours in the clear sky and the magnificent sea. We much enjoyed the times at the grassland with strong wind and breathtaking ocean view.

red-brown soil
Best place to overlook the long windy coastline
Vast grassland
Look at the shades of blue 😍
behind the scene of that pose lol


7. Stopover at ChuanFanShi 船帆石

Just a 10 minutes drive later, we had a short stopover at Chuanfanshi. This attraction features the solo huge coral reef rock protruding out from the sea and coral reef surfaces nearby. It got its name as it looks like a sail ⛵ of a boat from a distance. The rich marine life at the coral shoreline makes this place great for activities like snorkelling and scuba diving. We spent some times at the lookout point enjoy the view with the sea breeze.

Lovely ombre blue waters


8. Stroll at South Bay Beach 南灣

Then we come to this tourist-crowded beach lol. It was so happening with loud music turned on like a festival going on upon our arrival at the entrance. The beach is beautiful with small waves which are ideal for swimming 🏖. Anyway, we only stayed here for less than 30 minutes as it was too crowded with families and tourists.


9. Visit Guan Shan Fude Temple 高山巖福德宮

After leaving the beach, our driver brought us to this famous hilltop temple. People come here not only to pay a visit to the historical temple but also for its great lookout point for sunset. You can really overlook the Guan Shan city 🏙 from here. However, we didn’t stay here for the sunset. Scroll down to find out where we went for sunset watching.

Some hanging Wishing Charms


10. Sunset watching at Baishawan 白沙灣

For our sunset watching 🌅, we came to this beautiful Baishawan/ White Sand Bay. We bought some coconut drinks here. Later, we went to the coral reef area to admire the charming sunset with the Taiwan beer drinks that we bought earlier.


11. Dinner at Kenting Street Night Market 墾丁大街夜市

Kenting street is where you can wander around with your bikini wear. This street is full of eateries, bars, hostels and by evening time, the roadside will be packed with many food stalls and beverages stalls. I guess Kenting has got over-crowded with tourists in recent years, everything selling is overpriced and the food quality is awful too. You have to depend on your luck when it comes which stall is value for the money you pay. Some look nice but taste awful. Anyway, it was special to experience a summer beach vacation and Taiwanese street food at the same time. Our driver take-away some pizza for us to eat in the car while on the way back to the Kaohsiung city.

Stinky tofu as snacks again
脆皮炸鮮奶 Deep fried Custard/ Milk Curd
Pizza for our dinner


  ▪ 早餐:鴻瑞輕旅
  ▪ 出發去墾丁  
  ▪ 景點:去沿海的多良觀光車站
  ▪ 午餐:旭海紅牌海產店
  ▪ 景點:到墾丁飆沙達人吃冰棒玩飆沙
  ▪ 景點:去港口海灘衝浪閒逛
  ▪ 景點:到風吹砂吹風看沙丘奇異地形景觀
  ▪ 景點:去龍磐公園看石灰岩地壯觀海景遼闊草原
  ▪ 景點:到船帆石看特別的巨石矗立於海中
  ▪ 景點:去南灣遊憩區海邊游泳曬日光浴
  ▪ 景點:到高山巖福德宮拜拜和俯瞰關山市
  ▪ 景點:去白沙灣海灘喝啤酒看日落
  ▪ 晚餐:墾丁大街夜市
  ▪ 出發回去高雄  
  ▪ 住宿:高雄巴黎商旅

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