Nantou Cingjing 1 Day Travel Guide 南投清境一日遊

Travel from Cingjing to Hualien

5th Day of my 10D9N Taiwan Trip
Weather ☼ Nantou: 16°Celsius | Hehuanshan 10°Celsius


1. Breakfast at Cingjing StarVilla 清境摘星花園山莊

Early in the morning, we had a very homey and simple breakfast at Starvilla. The breakfast is a bowl of sweet potatoes & floss porridge, served with side dishes like peanuts, cabbages and preserved radish omelette. Outside of the villa, there is a peaceful garden where you can relax at the patio or sit on the swing to enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery across the garden fence. I spent some times sitting on the swing here before leaving to Cingjing Farm. Check out some interior pictures on our previous night at Starvilla.

on the swing


2. Wisteria Flowers en route to Cingjing Farm

It was so lucky that we stumbled across this purple magical road while on our way to Cingjing Farm. The turning point on the road is so beautiful with many wisteria flowers 紫藤花, so our driver pulled over to give us sometimes admire the flowers. No doubt, we took tons of photos. 😛

came across these tangerines before I get on to the car


3. Interact with sheep at Cingjing Farm 清境農場

After we have done with our craziness over the wisteria flowers, we came to this famous tourist spot that visited by many Malaysian. As expected, this place was already crowded with tourists when we reached here early in the morning. Anyway, it was still worth to visit as we had fun with the roaming sheep here. The air is really fresher and cosy, no wonder local people also visit here during the summer holiday. Plus, there is still a lot of mesmerizing cherry blossoms trees blooming here.

I think Cingjing Farm is an ideal place for families to bring their children to enjoy a holiday here. There are sheep-shearing show at 清境農場綿羊秀場地 and (horse) Equestrian show at 觀山牧區馬術表演 , which all included in the entrance ticket. Don’t miss the show like us, check the shows’ schedule! The entrance Fee is NT$ 200/pax. For more info, check out the official website here.

We spent some times feeding the roaming sheep at the Green Green Grassland 青青草原 with the sheep’s food bought nearby the sheep show’s stage. It was actually my first time getting so close to sheep. Their fur is surprisingly rough and the sound ‘meh meh’ they made is actually very low-key lol. They won’t get close to unless you have the sheep’s food with you. Be ready to prepare some cash to buy the sheep’s food.

Theme-park style entrance
Spot the sheep?


4. Quick lunch at Cingjing Food Court

There is a food court in Cingjing Farm, we had our quick lunch there before continuing our journey. We bought many fruits to eat and a plate of 大腸包小腸. (Taiwanese sausages that served with sticky rice, pickled vegetables, it is one of the famous Taiwan snacks)


Cherry blossoms on the hillside…

At Cingjing farm, there are many trail options for you to walk around to enjoy different sceneries. Check out this link to find out what are those. Some of the walking trails more scenic when rows of cherry blossoms trees line up beside. (if you can forget about the tourist crowd lol)

White cherry blossoms are so beautiful!


5. Visit Carton King 紙箱王創意園區

We ended up our Cingjing’s trip at this adorable and creative shop. Almost everything in the shop is made out of cardboard. This place is great for children, especially the cardboard train outside the cardboard souvenir shop/restaurant. If you are looking for some unique souvenir, this is where you need to go!

A pig made out of cardboards!


It was so misty on the road and we had to go through a scary tunnel en route to Hualien
6. Stopover at Wuling 武嶺 & Hehuanshan 合歡山

Never thought I would fall in love with a place that is not even in my travel list initially. We had a stopover at these two places while we were on our way to Hualien.

Hehuanshan is one of the mountains located in the centre of Taiwan that is famous for its hiking adventure. And, Wuling is the highest road point in Taiwan, which people usually stop over during the long journey between Hualien and Taichung. Due to a higher altitude, the weather here is so windy and much colder. Remember to put on a thicker jacket when you get here.

Usually, people come here for hiking to see the sunset/sunrise over the sea of clouds or milky way during the night. There are many trails here for people to hunt for those natural scenarios. During wintertime, there are people even come hiking in order to witness the mountain of Hehuanshan capped by the snow.

Due to the cloudy weather, we didn’t get to see any sea of cloud or sunset, but we could enjoy the panoramic yellow-green hills at 10°Celsius weather. It was great! We took some times to relax here before continuing on our journey.

freaking cold and windy lol
Like a road to heaven , so beautiful!


7. Stopover at Taroko National Park 太魯閣國家公園

We were strolling around the peaceful Xiangde Temple 祥德寺 before we headed to the most scenic and famous spot in Taiwan – the Taroko National Park. We didn’t go to explore any trail at Taroko National Park but only admire Eternal Spring Shrine 長春祠 from the main road. Seeing the natural spring water flowing underneath the shrine to the river in front of us is kind of peaceful. If you want to visit the shrine, just take the Changchun trail長春祠步道.

Driving in the fog again


8. Dinner at Dongdamen Night Market花蓮東大門自強觀光夜市

Finally, we are about to hunt street food in the night market of Hualien. The good thing about this market is no tourist crowd can be found here, most of them are local Hualien people. Besides, the walkway is so clean and spacious. It is really different from other night markets found in Taiwan, this is much quiet and comfortable. Maybe because it is located very near to the sea.

After checked-in to Arsma Hotel花蓮阿思瑪麗景大飯店 nearby, we just walked to this night market. We had our dinner at a Hong Kong styled food stall which serves various stir-fried dishes and seafood. Then, we ended up our day by strolling around this night market.

Unique hand-craft stall



  ▪ 早餐:清境摘星花園山莊
▪ 景點:青青草原清境农场(一人門票TW$200)
▪ 午餐:清境农场档口吃小吃
▪ 出口于纸箱王店,後出發去花蓮
▪ 景點:經過武嶺合歡山休息(看雲海)
▪ 出發去南投清境
▪ 景點:經過祥德寺太魯閣
▪ 晚餐:遊逛花蓮東大門自強觀光夜市
▪ 住宿:花蓮阿思瑪麗景大飯店

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