Cebu Oslob Whale Sharks Complete Travel Guide

Oslob Whale Shark

DAY 6 – Swim with Gentle Giants

Itinerary of Day 6:
  1. Breakfast at Tum’s Resort
  2. Snorkelling to watch Whale Sharks
  3. Visit Tumalog Falls
  4. Lunch at Paul & Madz
  5. Take a bus to Matutinao Beach & Cottages
  6. Dinner by Matutinao Beach

Oslob Whale Shark

Snorkelling with Whale Sharks

Finally come to the day with the most exciting activity and this activity is the main reason why most people travel to Cebu! To watch, to swim, to snorkel and even diving to watch the BIGGEST fish in the world – Whale Sharks!🐋

It was around 5 am when the sky still dark, we were already on our way to the Whale Shark Centre by tricycles. We had our breakfast at Tum’s Resort even before 5am! Initially, we had last minute decision to go for diving to see whale sharks, but we forgot diving actually need a diving license.

At 5.30am, we arrived at the centre. The centre was already crowded with tourists from around the world. Above picture was taken before leaving the centre at 8 am. We didn’t buy any online package or make any reservation, so we had a short queue before we were ushered to a sitting area waiting for an important briefing session. The briefing will tell you 🚫 not to touch, not to feed whale sharks and what’s your right positions and actions when swimming 🏊 with the whale sharks. Most importantly, do not wear sunscreen as it will pollute the sea and harm the sea creatures. Penalties and Jail time will execute to those who don’t follow instructions. Be an eco-tourist!

Oslob Whale Shark

The sky was getting bright when we finally get on to the boat. I was surprised when noticing all the boats just stopped nearby the shore and people get down into the water from there. I guess the water is very deep enough for the supergiants to swim even along the shore.

We rented an underwater camera and wore lifejackets before we finally get on to the boat. Just a few minutes after then it was our turn to go into the water. Before I could adapt myself in the lifejacket that keeps choking me 😰 lol, I was shocked with the supergiant whale sharks swimming towards me. There were 2 whale sharks! I was about to scream but I couldn’t lol (wearing mask). So, picture time of course as we only had 30 minutes to linger with the whale sharks! You will be certainly shocked by how gigantic is a whale shark. Especially when they open their 1-meter width of mouth right in front of you, so shockinggggg !!!! 😱😱😱 Indeed worth your PHP1000 as you can swim so up close with the whale sharks.

Due to the wide-angled lens’ distortion, these whale sharks are actually triple bigger in real life than in the picture.

Oslob Whale Shark

Oslob Whale Shark

Oslob Whale Shark

Oslob Whale Shark

Not only one whale sharks but more than 6 on that day! 👏 There were many boatmen keep throwing food for the whale sharks right opposite of all visitors’ boats. Meanwhile, our boatman was so efficient in helping us took a lot of pictures during the 30 minutes. It was just the camera we rented not very high-resolution and the water wasn’t clear enough.

Overall, the whole experiences of swimming with the whale sharks were super awesome! It is something you should experience once in a lifetime! No doubt to come back again for scuba diving to watch whale sharks if I get my diving license in future!

✅ Tick off a bucket-list experience in Cebu! Swimming with the giant but cute whale sharks. Below is my simple editing on some of the video footages from my friend Louis.

How to go Oslob Whale Shark Watching :
  • If you already in Oslob, just take a tricycle head to Oslob Whale Shark Center.
  • If you are coming from Cebu city, can take a 3 hours Ceres Bus at South Bus Terminal, which is going to Bato via Oslob. Tell the bus driver or staff that you want to drop off at Oslob Whale Shark Center.
Rate of Oslob Whale Shark (As of Jan 2018) :
  • Environmental /Entrance Fees : PHP 100
  • Underwater camera : PHP 550
  • Whale Shark Watching (30mins) : PHP 500 per foreign guest
  • Snorkeling (30mins) : PHP 1000 per foreign guest (include boat ride & snorkelling gears)
  • Scuba Diving (1hour) : PHP 1500 per foreign guest
Tips for snorkelling to watch Whale Sharks in Oslob :
  • Stay overnight in Oslob! So you can go Whale Shark watching on the next morning at 5 am, while the water is clear and to avoid crowds.
  • Bring your underwater camera with a dome for awesome underwater photography
  • Bring your towels and extra clothes for after use
  • Avoid making bubbles while taking underwater photography

Tumalog Falls

Tumalog Falls, Oslob

We bought some whale-shark related souvenirs at the whale shark centre before we were heading to the nearby Tumalog Falls. As the road is very steep, you will need to hire Habal-Habal (motorcycle) 🏍 to take you to the waterfalls. After our tricycles’ driver dropped us off at the main road near the entrance, each of us hired one motorcycle with a driver at PHP 50/round trip to & from the midpoint. It was such a long time since the last time I sat on a motorcycle. The feeling was so fun and cool LOL. When we reached the midpoint (gate of waterfalls), we didn’t take another motorcycle ride. We chose to walk but regretted haha, it was really really steep. If you don’t want to take motorcycles, you can actually opt to walk 🚶to the falls for about 15 minutes steep walk.

Advice : Just take a motorcycle round trip PHP 50 (Main Road to & from Midpoint) + PHP 50 (Midpoint to & from Tumalog Falls).

Tumalog Falls

Tumalog Falls

The beautiful scene before we walked in further to the falls with PHP 20/pax entrance fees. The falls were so breathtaking 😍 and the entire view was so scenic. Sadly, I didn’t own a super-wide-angle lens, couldn’t be able to capture the whole scene.

What is surprising, there is a natural fish spa pool 🐟 for you to enjoy (spot the pool in the above image where the people sitting at the edge of the pool). We didn’t go because I didn’t know 😭 at that time.

Tumalog FallsStunning Falls with rainbows! 🌈

Tumalog FallsGroup photo at Tumalog Falls

Tumalog FallsHeavenly beautiful! 😭😍Tumalog Falls

Lunch at Paul & Madz, Oslob

At 10 am, we went back to Paul & Madz for an early lunch, before getting ourselves a shower and rest at Tum’s Resort.Paul & Madz

Paul & Madz

Leaving Oslob

We didn’t pre-book any private transport in Cebu Island but mostly take the local public bus. Our Airbnb host helped us to wait for a bus that could fetch us to our next adventurous destination in Badian. Guess what! We managed to book our accommodation near the entrance of the famous Kawasan Falls, which is our last day’s destination.

How to go Kawasan Falls from Oslob :

If you already in Oslob, just take a local bus to Bato Terminal, then transfer to another bus that goes to Badian or Cebu City (via Barili). It took us nearly 2 hours to reach the last bus station, which is our destination – Matutinao Beach & Cottages. We spent PHP 125/pax to Bato Terminal and then P75/pax to Matutinao Beach.


Oslob to BadianAir-conditioned Ceres bus to Matutinao Beach

Matutinao Beach & Cottages

If you are planning to visit Kawasan Falls, I would highly recommend staying here as it is just walking distance to the entrance. Never did we expect that we could have such a nice sea view and beach right in front of doorstep! There are only 8 rooms available at Matutinao Beach & Cottages and we were lucky to have 2 rooms booked. We decided to save our energy for our last day’s activity at Kawasan Falls, so we spent our whole afternoon until night at Matutinao only. Chilling here by having beer drinks and even a sumptuous seafood dinner with the amazing sunset & beach!


If you are looking for something more fun, there is another town named Moalboal, 30 minutes away from Badian. A place where you can see sardines run, giant turtles, dolphins and many fishes! You can easily reach Moalboal by taking a local bus from Kawasan Falls or Matutinao Beach. I actually hope to have one more day to stay in Moalboal. Do consider 8 days 7 nights travelling in Cebu, so you can have more time!














Day 6 Expenses :
💸100Pesos = MYR 8.40
Accommodation : PHP 6,200 / MYR 519 / 1 night / 2 rooms / 6 pax
Matutinao Beach & Cottages :

Food : PHP 4,260 / MYR 357 / 6 pax

  1. Lunch at Paul & Madz : PHP 1,300 / MYR 109 / 6 pax
    Google Map:
  2. Dinner & Beer drinks at Matutinao Beach & Cottages : PHP 2,960 / MYR 248 / 6 pax
    Google Map:

Transport : PHP 2,640 / MYR 221 /  6 pax

  1. Two Tricycles arranges by Tum’s Resort to & back Oslob Whale Shark Center: PHP1,200 / MYR 101 / 6 pax
    Expensive, Get a tricycle by yourself at roadside
  2. Motorcycles : PHP 600 (Main Road to & from Midpoint) + PHP 180 (one-way Tumalog Falls to Midpoint) / MYR 65 / 6 pax
  3. Public Bus to Bato Terminal (Bato via Barili) PHP 270
    then transfer to Ceres Bus (Bato via Barili) PHP 390 to Matutinao Beach & Cottages
    MYR 55 in total / 6 pax

Attraction/Activity : PHP 6,670 / MYR 559 /  6 pax

  1. 30 mins Snorkelling with Whale Sharks: PHP 6,000 / MYR 503 / 6 pax
    (included boat ride & snorkelling gears)
    Google Map:
  2. Sport Camera Renting (Hero 4) : PHP 550 / MYR 46 / 6 pax
  3. Tumalog Falls Entrance Fees: PHP 120 / MYR 10 / 6 pax
    Google Map:
📌 Total Expenses of Day 6 : MYR 276 ( 1pax )



My blog about 7D7N Cebu Trip has been divided into different parts, mainly sorted by day(s) as below :

  1. DAY 1 & 2 : Cebu City to Bohol Island
  2. DAY 3 : Virgin Island, Alona Beach in Panglao
  3. DAY 4 : Panglao Island
  4. DAY 5 : Bluewater Sumilon Island, Oslob
  5. DAY 6 : Oslob Whale Shark & Tumalog Falls
  6. DAY 7 & 8 : Kawasan Falls, Badian
  7. 7 Days 7 Nights in Cebu (Summary)

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