Travel Guide to Panglao Island, Bohol

DAY 4 – Explore Beach Cave Ocean

Itinerary of Day 4 in Cebu :
    1. Dolphin Watching nearby Alona Beach
    2. Breakfast & Resorts Hopping at Dumaluan Beach
    3. Lunch at Bee Farm Restaurant
    4. Swimming at Hinagdanan Cave
    5. Go To Argao by Lite Ferries
    6. Go to Oslob by local bus (Bato via Oslob)
    7. Dinner at Paul & Madz, Oslob

1. Dolphin Watching at Alona Beach

It was Day 4 where our first activity is going for Dolphin watching nearby the sea of Alona Beach. We booked a boat with the same boatmen as previous day we went to the Virgin Island. We were asked by our boatmen to arrive at 6 am the next morning. However, the next morning, we had a long wait – 30 minutes OMG before they get us on to the boat! Ok, then we finally depart to the sea with our noisy motorised pump boat.

Dolphin Watching

No Dolphin appear!

Seeing some moving boats with tourists like us, we knew we have reached the viewing spots after around 1 hour. Our boatmen were off the boat’s noisy motor, hoping the Dolphin will swim to the surface in front of us. Sadly, we had lingered for more than 15 minutes, still, we couldn’t spot any dolphin. I felt like so 😣 when boatmen told me there are dolphins on the previous day. I had done some research about Dolphin Watching beforehand where we should be as early as before 6 am while the water is still cold and dolphins are actually gone by 7 am.  Some people say it really depends on your luck in seeing dolphins swimming.

Ok never mind! I reassured myself that at least we had watched the best sunrise 🌅 while riding our private boat to watch Dolphin. After returned to Alona beach from Dolphin Watching, our driver from day 2 picked up us to the next destinations!

This is the van we booked for day 2 and day 4

2. Resorts Hopping at Dumaluan Beach Resort

I called the next activity as resorts hopping as there are 3 beach fronting resorts connected with a 2km stretch of Dumaluan white beach. Those are Dumaluan Beach Resort, Bohol Beach Club and last South Palm Resort. We wanted to visit South Palm Resort with its vast and beautiful palm trees 🌴 on their white beach. But, only Dumaluan Beach Resort allows non-staying guest enter their resort with PHP 25/pax entrance fees. So our Filipino driver suggested us to just cross over from Dumaluan Beach Resort as the beach is free for public access.

We had our so-so breakfast 🥞 with very bad service at the restaurant of Dumaluan Beach Resort, before we walked towards South Palm Resort along the shore. Dumaluan Beach Resort is the most affordable resort compared to the other two resorts. Expectedly, the beach here is not very clean & well-maintained where rubbish is noticeable. But as we walked further, beach scene seems getting nicer haha.

It is a beach without crowd and boat interruption, but calm and shallow for children to have fun on. Such a postcard view! It was really hot and sunny on the day, we couldn’t even find a shadow to hide. Be slathered with thick layers of sunblock! After walked a distance, we found another beautiful beach scene where people stretched out and lying on wooden beach lounge chairs facing the calm white beach. If you love sunbathing, this is the beach you want to come!

Bohol Beach Club

South Palm Resort
South Palm Resort 

Finally, we reached the last resort – South Palm Resort. There were many guards tried to keep us away from entering the resort’s property line but we keep walking to the end of South Palm until lesser guards watching us lol. It was a dense palm forest towards the end of the resort. Strolling in the midst of countless palm tree at the beach are particularly dreamy for me! There was nobody but just us and the view looked so picture-perfect!

South Palm ResortPalm trees with hammocks ❤️

South Palm Resort

South Palm ResortIt is really photo-worthy and dreamy here.South Palm ResortBf sitting on sand and sheltered by swaying coconut palms.

South Palm Resort

South Palm Resort

After took quite sometimes on photographs here, we had beer drinks at South Palm Beach Bar. As expectedly, the expenses here were so expensive, merely drinks cost us PHP 1300. We couldn’t use the resort’s facilities but we enjoyed our times at this picturesque beachfront.

Cheers! Above picture was taken by my friend HJ.

Favourite view beside the South Palm Beach bar

South Palm Resort

How to go Dumaluan Beach & South Palm Resort

This beach definitely worth a visit if you are staying near Alona Beach. Just take a 15mins tricycle (Tuk-tuk) from Alona beach and you able to reach this quiet and relaxing place. Again, remember enter from Dumaluan Beach Resort and slowly walk towards South Palm Resort along the shore where you will pass by Bohol Beach Club.

South Palm Resort

South Palm ResortAnother climb attempt even though after injured a day before.🤣

South Palm ResortView from drone will be super amazing, but sadly we don’t have one during the trip.

Hanging bed everywhere under those high palm trees

Beach vibes  😎 haha

3. Lunch at Bohol Bee Farm Restaurant

Next, we came to the most recommended restaurant on the island – Bohol Bee Farm Restaurant. They serve organic food using ingredients sourced from their own local farm. Famous for their own ice cream made from coconut milk with a few outlets throughout Bohol Island. We tried one nearby the Alona beach but not very nice. The ice cream at this actual Bee Farm tastes richer and better.

We ordered the Meat & Seafood Platter Set with drink & ice cream. Everything is beautifully presented, especially the salad is so colourful with the edible flowers as decor. It was quite pricey but overall the food was OK and the ambience was very good.

Delicious free appetizer!

Bohol Bee FarmIce cream is their signature so must try!

Another point will make you come here is this restaurant is actually located on a cliff overlooking the Bohol Sea. You can sit on the bar table facing the panoramic view of the sea while having your delicious organic food.

This Bohol Bee Farm is actually an all-in-one place. You can stay at their resort where you can find a dive shop, coffee shop, chill bar, souvenir shop, and even a spa facility! There is also bee farm tours, paddle boards & kayak rentals available.
Due to its not-so-near distance to Alona beach concern, otherwise, I definitely opt to stay here for a night! We didn’t manage to visit their souvenir shop as we wanted to keep our time for the next attraction before leaving this island.

4. Swimming at Hinagdanan Cave

Hinagdanan Cave is a small underground cave with a crystal clear natural pool inside. You can choose to visit with entrances fees PHP 50 or you can swim in the clean & cooling lagoon in the cave with PHP 70 fees. Just a quick and steep climb then you will able to reach the underground cavern. Watch your every step as the cave space is small and very slippery. The cave’s environment is very humid and dark, only lit up by insufficient natural lighting comes through a few small holes in the ceiling and some installed artificial lightings.

We were actually asked not to swim by our driver as we had limited time before going to port take ferry. But my friends couldn’t resist taking a refreshing dip in the natural pool once they went down from the super hot upperground. Only 3 of us swam in the lagoon with no plan to change clothes afterwards (or actually no place to change clothes). As the pool is 10-12 meters deep so life jackets are provided by local guides in the cave. Swimming is only available until 4 pm. However, I found Wikipedia saying better not to swim in the lagoon due to karst pollutants present in the water. Still, it worth a quick visit if you come to Panglao Island or Bohol Island.

Amazing stalactites hanging from the ceiling of the cave

5. Go to Argao by Lite Ferries

Next, we head to Tagbilaran Port (Bohol Island) to take a ferry ⛴ to Argao in Cebu before we able to reach Oslob by local bus 🚌. This is the only way I found if we want to go to Oslob directly from Bohol Island without going back to Cebu city overnight. However, the ferry from Tagbilaran to Argao Cebu only have 2 rounds. We should have bought it when we arrived at Tagbilaran Terminal on Day 2, but we forgot! Luckily our driver managed to buy us tickets 🎫 at Lite Port Centre Mall by driving fast from Hinagdanan Cave lol. I guess tickets can also be bought at Lite Ferries ticket counter of Tagbilaran Port.

As Lite ferry is not particularly a passenger ferry but actually is a roll-on/roll-off vessel or cargo ferry, so we dragged our luggage quite a distances, from the entrance of port to the seats in the ferry. Only a few tourists can be noticed in the passenger seat area, most are local Filipinos. We just put our luggage together with us at the seats as there is plenty of seats were left empty. It was an open-air seat with no entertainment provided like TV, but at least a canteen bar counter for you to buy some snacks or instant noodles to eat. Plus, magnificent ocean view 🌅 and cosy wind are guaranteed to be had. The whole ride is 3 hours, from 4 pm to 7 pm.


Lite Ferries

How to go Oslob from Bohol by Lite Ferries & local bus

Tagbilaran Port (by van) > Argao (3 hours by Lite Ferry) > Oslob (5 mins walk & 1 hour 20 mins Sunrays local bus-to Bato via Oslob) 

  • Go to Tagbilaran Port in Bohol Island by Habal-Habal (motorcycles), car/van rental.
    From morning up until before we left Bohol, our transport was the van that we booked online and already used for day 2 in Cebu.
  • Buy your Lite Ferries Tickets in advance, which is going to Argao ticket at Tagbilaran Port or Lite Port Centre Mall. As of Jan 2018, there are only 2 rounds available per day – 8 am & 4 pm from Tagbilaran Port. We bought ours at Lite Port Centre Mall last minutes before we were heading to the port.
  • Once you reach Argao’s port, 5 mins walk straight all the way to the end until a road junction. Then, wait at a bus stop (no roof, just roadside) & take a local bus which is going to Oslob – Sunrays bus or Ceres bus, mostly to Bato via Oslob. The bus should be available every 10 mins according to our Airbnb’s host. Ask the bus before you get on to the bus and remind them to drop you off at your destinations like your hotel. We took Sunrays non-aircon bus as it came first before others, after 5 minutes of waiting time.


The super big wave behind created by the ferry. Beautiful & Stunning!


Lite Ferries


Lite Ferries

Lite FerriesLook at below breathtaking sunset picture I took while en route to Argao. Feel myself so tiny in the middle of this big ocean. It is the best ocean scene I have ever seen in my life! Merely observing the sky changing colours 🌈 did worth the 3 hours ride.


Lite Ferries

Bought some instant noodles to eat not long before leaving the ferry. The upper one in the picture tastes good! The canteen staff was kind and friendly to help us cook the instant noodles.

Lite Ferries

Lite Ferries

Experiences about Sunrays Liner Express Local Bus
As instructed by our Airbnb host before, we should take a local bus after getting off from Lite Ferries at Argao Port. It was super dark when we finally reached Argao Port and still not knowing where to find a bus stop. There is no turning point so we just followed majority people walked straight all the way after getting off from the ferry. Up until we reached a junction, we went to ask for a help from the people in a restaurant nearby the road. I was stunned when the people pointed to us where the bus stop is. Ok so basically is not a bus stop with a roof, just stand at the roadside together with the crowd who also waiting for a bus haha.

The journey of riding a Harry Potter Knight bus began afterwards. LOL After a moment of waiting at the roadside, just before we could confirm a moving vehicle lightened up the road is a bus or not, it stopped rapidly in front of us. So yea it was a bus. We weren’t sure which bus name we should take, but the bus staff said they could fetch us to our resort. It wasn’t an air-conditioned local bus but we wouldn’t want to stand by the dark roadside any longer. So, we just squeezed into the bus seats behind without having enough time to think twice.

The whole bus ride was mind-blowing and crazy LOL. The bus was moving so fast even though the road is so dark and narrow. It was over-shaky ride and the strong wind blew on our faces was so cold! I really felt like I was sitting in the Knight Bus of Harry Potter LOL, as the bus braked so sudden and accelerated rapidly from time to time. So dangerous omg! Anyway, the whole journey somehow quite exciting and we reached our resort in Oslob safely after around 1-hour of the bus ride.

Dinner at Paul & Madz, Oslob

After checking in Tum’s Resort, we had to go to a nearby town by 2 tricycles to find a restaurant for our dinner. In the end, tricycle’s driver brought us to this restaurant – Paul & Madz. Everything taste so salty, only the beer is the best for me! 🤣


Day 4 Expenses :
💸100Pesos = MYR 8.40

Accommodation : MYR 618 / 1 night / 3 rooms / 6 pax
Airbnb Tum’s Resort 3 rooms :

Food : PHP 7,225  /  MYR 607 / 6 pax

  1. Breakfast at Dumaluan Beach Resort : PHP 400 / MYR 34 / 6 pax
    Google Map:
  2. Drink at South Palm Resort : PHP 1,295 / MYR 110 / 6 pax
  3. Lunch at Bohol Bee Farm Restaurant : PHP 3,180 / MYR 266 / 6 pax
    Google Map:
  4. Dinner at Paul & Madz : PHP 2,350 / MYR 197 / 6 pax
    Google Map :

Transport :  PHP 4,172 / MYR 350 / 6 pax

  1. Driver & Van for Day 04 : PHP 2,300 / MYR 193 / 6 pax
    Booked at
  2. To Argao by Lite Ferries (Ticket+Terminal Fees) :
    PHP 1,260 + PHP 60 / MYR 111 / 6 pax
    Bought ticket at Lite Port Center Mall :
    Lite Ferries info:
  3. To Tum’s Resort in Oslob by Sunrays Liner Express local bus :
    PHP 420 / MYR 35 / 6 pax
  4. To Paul & Madz from resort by tricycle : PHP 132 / MYR 11 / 6 pax

Attraction/Activity : PHP 525 /  MYR 45 / 6 pax

  1. Dumaluan Beach Resort Entrance Fees : PHP 150 / MYR 13 / 6 pax
    Google Map:
  2. Hinagdanan Cave : 
    Entrance Fees (no swim) : PHP 150  / MYR 13 / 6 pax
    Entrance Fees (swim) : PHP 225  / MYR 19 / 6 pax
    Google Map:

Expenses in Tum’s Resort : PHP 1,250  /  MYR 105 / 6 pax
Add on 3 hours Massage PHP 1,100, Laundry Detergent PHP 20, Drink PHP 30

📌 Total Expenses of Day 4 : MYR 288 ( 1pax )



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