Oslob Bluewater Sumilon Island Travel Guide

Sumilon IslandDAY 5 – A day on the bluest Island

Itinerary of Day 5 in Cebu:
  1. Watch Sunrise & eat breakfast at Tum’s Resort
  2. Chilling & Snorkelling at Bluewater Sumilon Island & Sandbar
  3. Buffet lunch at Sumilon Island
  4. Infinity Pool Swimming at Sumilon Island
  5. Dinner at VLK Pizza, Oslob
Oslob Sunrise

6 am in the morning accompanied with beautiful sunrise behind our private resort is certainly cool! In fact, we all were feeling exhausted and decide to postpone our morning activity – whale shark watching to the next day. Still, we had woke up thus the sunrise watching instead. Followed by a sumptuous breakfast prepared by the resort.



Tum’s Resort, Oslob

Tum’s resort is not really a resort but a small private building with just 4 modern rooms right beside the sea. There are not many cheap, good location & good-looking accommodation can be found in Oslob. Tum’s Resort is the only one looks ok for me at the time of last minute booking at Airbnb. The host was very friendly and helpful even before we went to Cebu, by answering all my questions about Cebu trip’s planning. During the stay, we also got VIP services from the resort’s staff, especially the inclusive sumptuous breakfast.

The cons are :
It is located 18 minutes away from Oslob Whale Shark Watching & Sumilon Island. You have to take a tricycle to a nearby town (approx.3km away) looking for dinner or lunch. Also, their massage service was very unprofessional and bad as it just provided by their own staff, and not professional massagist. Remember not to take their FREE massage service or add-on LOL. Besides, don’t book your transport with them as it costs triple to what you can get by yourself at the roadside.

OslobThe mango is so so sweet and delicious!

OslobResort’s counter

OslobBehind our resort


OslobResort’s look from the road

OslobTheir most big room

Bluewater Sumilon Island, Oslob

After had our breakfast, we hopped onto tricycles to the Bluewater Sumilon Island Port in Bancogon in order to register and buy day trip tickets to the bluest island! The ticket doesn’t include any room for overnight, but all the activities on the island can be enjoyed. We were given blue wristbands as an indication of full day tour guests. There is a briefing session need to be attended before you can take the boat departed for Sumilon Island.



How to go Bluewater Sumilon Island, Oslob
  • If you already in Oslob, just take a tricycle head to Sumilon Island Port in Bancogon Oslob.
  • If you coming from Cebu city, can take a Ceres Bus which is going to Bato via Oslob. Tell the bus driver or staff that you want to drop off at Sumilon Port, Bancogon.
  • After buying a day trip ticket at Sumilon Port’s counter, take the inclusive 10 minutes boat transfer to Sumilon Island. The boat transfer runs every hour and a half, starting from 8 am. Be sure to return before the last trip at 5 pm, since you are not staying overnight at the island. Refer below picture for the schedule of boat transfer.

Sumilon IslandBridge to the boat transfer

Sumilon IslandBeautiful algae on rocks along the shore

Sumilon Sandbar

Sumilon Sandbar

It was super hot and sunny day when we arrived at the beautiful and bluest island – Sumilon! You will be dropped off nearby this sandbar after 10 minutes of pump boat ride. Look at the gradients of blue! 😍😍😍 Remember, sandbar only appear during low tide! Check it with the locals or online.

Sumilon SandbarMe sunbathed by taking photographs at the sandbar 🤣

Sumilon Sandbar

Sumilon Sandbar

What to do on Bluewater Sumilon Island :
  1. Swimming or Sunbathing at white sandbar and infinity pool
  2. Fishing & Kayaking at the lagoon
  3. Fish Feeding
  4. Pedal Boating
  5. Nature Trekking
  6. Cave Tours
  7. Climbing at the lighthouse

Sumilon IslandSwimming at the infinity pool

Sumilon Island

Sumilon Island

Sumilon Island

Sumilon IslandSnorkelling anywhere with the provided mask & snorkel!

Sumilon SandbarDesperately need a drink after snorkelling (not many fishes can be spot). This coconut drink costs PHP 246 (MYR 21)😥

Sumilon Island

Sumilon IslandSuper cool view with super cold jacuzzi behind the infinity pool lol!

Sumilon Island

Sumilon IslandThis green lagoon is where you can do kayaking and fishing.

Sumilon IslandMy second round from the buffet lunch – Dessert!

Sumilon IslandThis scene looks like I am on the Santorini Island of Greece🤣

Sumilon IslandChilling & Photograph!

Sumilon IslandI was hoping to get a spa in this soothing place! But didn’t get the chance to ask at the front desk. In the end, what we did were swimming, snorkelling, eat buffet lunch and just chilling by the infinity pool.

Map of Sumilon Island :
Sumilon Island

What is included in the day tour of Bluewater Sumilon Island, PHP 1500/pax:
  1. Roundtrip boat transfers (Mainland – Sumilon Island – Mainland)
  2. Activities on the island
  3. Use of facilities : Mask & Snorkel, Towels, Shower Rooms, Payag, Infinity Pool, Sun Beds.

Note: Price has now (Nov 2018) increased to PHP 2000/1 day trip ticket to Bluewater Sumilon Island
Excluded locker PHP 100/box

Sumilon Island

Dinner at VLK Pizza, Oslob

We took the last boat transfer at 5 pm back to the mainland and straight head to the town for a dinner. We had dinner at a very small restaurant which recommended by our tricycle’s driver. It serves typical western food like pizza, chicken chop, etc.

VLK Pizza, Oslob

VLK Pizza, OslobThe purple iced dessert in a cup is called as Halo Halo. It’s one of the Cebu’s local dessert that you can try!


Day 5 Expenses :
💸100Pesos = MYR 8.40

Accommodation : MYR 618 / 1 night / 3 rooms / 6 pax
Airbnb Tum’s Resort 3 rooms : https://bit.ly/2DNFcYUhttps://bit.ly/2A69G41https://bit.ly/2QTQQ7q

Food :

  1. Dinner at VLK Pizza : PHP 1,930 / MYR 162 / 6 pax
    Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/JUQUT76dz1T2

Transport :

  1. Two Tricycles arranges by Tum’s Resort to & back Sumilon Island : PHP1,200 / MYR 101 / 6 pax
    Expensive, Get a tricycle by yourself at roadside

Attraction/Activity :

  1. Day Trip Ticket to Bluewater Sumilon Island : PHP 9,000 / MYR 754 / 6 pax
    Info: http://www.bluewatersumilon.com.ph/adventures
    Sumilon Island Port in Bancogon (mainland) Google Map:
📌 Total Expenses of Day 5 : MYR 273 ( 1pax )



My blog about 7D7N Cebu Trip has been divided into different parts, mainly sorted by day(s) as below :

  1. DAY 1 & 2 : Cebu City to Bohol Island
  2. DAY 3 : Virgin Island, Alona Beach in Panglao
  3. DAY 4 : Panglao Island
  4. DAY 5 : Bluewater Sumilon Island, Oslob
  5. DAY 6 : Oslob Whale Shark & Tumalog Falls
  6. DAY 7 & 8 : Kawasan Falls, Badian
  7. 7 Days 7 Nights in Cebu (Summary)

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