Taichung & Sun Moon Lake 1 Day Travel Guide

Travel from Taichung to Sun Moon Lake

4th Day of my 10D9N Taiwan Trip
Weather ☼ Taichung: 30°Celsius | Sun Moon Lake 26°Celsius


1. Visit the sea of flowers at Zhongshe Flower Market 中社觀光花市

After had our breakfast at the hotel, we went to visit this beautiful flower market which has vast land of flowers and plants. This market is really an ideal place to admire different types of flowers or even purchase any flower that catches your eyes. Tourists like us usually come here to take tons of photo with the colourful sea of flowers.😂 If you want to see tulips, come visit from the month of January to March. We didn’t get to see Tulip flower on that day, maybe because it was the last day of March. Entrance ticket is TW$120/pax. Check out the official website here.

Sea of Red Salvia Flowers


2. Visit the Rainbow Village 彩虹眷村 with colourful street art

This tiny rainbow house used to be the house of veterans from China has become a famous tourist spot to admire the eye-catching wall arts. Mr Huang who people now refer to as the “Rainbow Grandfather” is the creator of these wall arts. He literally saved his house from demolition by painting unique murals all over the wall, and even the walkway. I was lucky being able to meet the 96+ years old Mr Huang on the day. There are many Mr Huang’s wall-arts related things selling here, whereby I bought some beautiful postcards as souvenirs for my friends. 

Our tour guide Our drive and also my photographer haha


3. Take-away Braised-pork over rice 滷肉飯 as our lunch in car


4. Visit the largest lake of Taiwan Sun Moon Lake 日月潭

Located in the centre of Taiwan, Sun Moon Lake is one of Taiwan’s wonders. Many tourists rent a bike for cycling here as Sun Moon Lake’s bike trail is one of the most beautiful in the world. If cycling is not your taste, you can take a boat trip on the lake or even take a cable car ride to enjoy a different perspective view of the lake. It was too misty on the day, we couldn’t even see the mountains clearly. We neither go for cycling nor cable car ride. Instead, we were just strolling on the easy foot trails around this picturesque sun-moon-like lake. Then, we ended the trip by visiting the beautiful lakeside Wen Wu Temple 文武廟. Check out the official website of Sun Moon Lake here.

Cycling trail above the lake


Wen Wu Temple
Mini hanging wishing lanterns


5. Dinner at Cingjing 雲南十八怪景觀餐厅

It was already night time with much colder weather when we arrived at Cingjing. Before we were checking-in the accommodation, we had a warm dinner at this unique restaurant. The cuisines they serve here are delicious and special. The signature roasted chicken 高山当归叶甕窯雞 and yummy ‘Moon-shaped’ shrimp pancake 月亮虾饼 are what u must-try at this restaurant. I tried my first Bamboo Shoots dish here, it was cooked with salted egg. Quite special!

‘Moon-shaped’ Shrimp Pancake – 月亮虾饼
Salted Egg White Bamboo Shoots – 咸蛋茭白笋


6. Stay at Cingjing StarVilla 清境摘星花園山莊

This villa is exceptionally beautiful with its cabin style interior and a peaceful garden outside the villa. A bedroom with a skylight for stargazing always seems more lovely. This kind of loft-style room with wooden interior design definitely is many people’s favourite. Everything is ok except the stairs is really steep and there is no lift provided at the lobby, carrying luggage into the room is really a tough job for us. Check out how beautiful is the garden on our next morning.



  ▪ 早餐:台中黎客商旅
▪ 景點:中社觀光花市看花海(一人門票TW$120)
▪ 景點:台中彩虹眷村看繽紛彩繪塗鴉
▪ 午餐:外賣滷肉飯
▪ 景點:欣賞日月潭與拜訪文武廟
▪ 出發去南投清境
▪ 晚餐:清境雲南十八怪景觀餐厅
▪ 住宿:清境摘星花園山莊

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