Taitung 1 Day Travel Guide 台東一天行程

Travel from Hualien to Taitung

7th Day of my 10D9N Taiwan Trip
Weather ☼ Taitung 28°Celsius


1. Visit dreamy beach of NiuShan Huting 牛山呼庭

During the journey to Taitung, we had a wonderful stopover at this unusual sandy beach. This place is truly amazing and dreamy. Especially when the clear white waves roll in and out from the sea onto the black sand. Although there is quite a lot of garbages can be found not far away from the seashore, but we still love this grey-black sandy beach. There was no one here but just us having fun and taking tons of pictures until we left.

Beware of the rough waves. It was actually quite dangerous to wade across the seawater. This dangerous wave sounds so stunning but it is therapeutic to look at.

Nearby the beach, you can actually find a guesthouse with a cafe above the hill. There’s a beautiful bell in their garden facing the beach. Check it out on Google Maps.

dreamy scene


2. Toilet Rest at Baqi Reststop 芭崎休息區

We couldn’t deny the fact that Taiwan’s East coastline has many beautiful and scenic views. Just like Baqi Rest stop which is just simply one of our toilet rest stops. But we could unexpectedly admire such awesome scenery here by overlooking the Jiqi Beach 磯崎海灘. It is a great spot to take a good rest during your road trip or cycling trip. There are snacks and drinks selling here too.


3. Short skywalk at Fengbin Qingbuzhizi Walk

With an entrance fee of TW$ 40 per person, you can walk on the trail along the edge of a cliff overlooking the beautiful Pacific ocean. In between, you will get to walk on a short glass bridge which is built above the sea. However, we found that the glass bridge is actually foggy and has many weeds and rocks below of it, so it wasn’t terrifying at all. It was just the sea breeze blowing too strong made me feel a bit insecure.

As you finished walking on the trail, you can walk into a tunnel with some gift shops and drink stalls. Show your entrance tickets to get some discounts. Don’t expect too much on the glass walkway anyway. I found the scenery is even nicer when I was walking towards the Fengbin Skyway.

Note: There are 2 locations in Google Maps, but I think both are the same thing: Qingbuzhizi Walk 親不知子海上古道 or Fengbin Skywalk 豐濱天空步道.

scenery while walking from car park to the skywalk or tunnel


4. Lunch at Fengbin AhQing Seafood Restaurant 阿卿海鮮店

We came to one of the local restaurants nearby the coastline of Fengbin to have lunch. They serve various seafood dishes which are very fresh and in a large portion. We missed out the shrimp & egg omelette dish 招牌蝦仁滑蛋 as I found it is actually their signature dish only after we had placed our orders. Besides, I found that this restaurant actually has pretty high reviews on Google Map! You might want to try it out if you are on your way to Taitung from Hualien.

bought some drinks at the 7-11 nearby


5. Visit the marvellous Shitiping 石梯坪 

Shitiping is absolutely your must-visit sight if you ever come to Taitung. It is a beautiful rocky coastal terrain formed by the natural sea-erosion. This place is where you can observe the spectacular nature’s ecology. Including the sea trenches 海蝕溝, sea cliff 海蝕崖, cuestas 單面山, sea-eroded potholes 海蝕壺穴 and stones 海蝕石头. They are purely stunning and beautiful.

Climb above the natural staircases formed by the sea-eroded stones to enjoy the breathtaking panorama. We love the view here! Make sure you are wearing a pair of comfortable shoes to here so you can explore comfortably.

If you come down to the lower surface, you will get a closer look at the constant sea waves beat the sea cliff or flow into the sea trenches. Besides that, you can easily spot some tropical fishes swimming in the still potholes. I love how the grey-coloured rocky surface here is embellished with the bright green seaweed.

For those nature’s lovers, I think you won’t want to miss the chance to pay a visit here! You can choose to stay longer here by camping at the campground, for diving, observing the ecology or just enjoying the sound of waves on a starry night.

A bunch of students taking their graduation pictures here.
Climbed up to one of the cuestas 單面山
lower ground

You can observe how ocean water flow into the sea trenches. Love the view so much!
Seaweed / Algae
Small tropical fishes in these sea-eroded potholes 海蝕壺穴


6. Cycling at Brown Boulevard 池上伯朗大道  

Next, we came to a rural town famous for its endless bike paths through the vast paddy field. It is called Brown Boulevard or Mr Brown Avenue. The route is actually made famous by Takeshi Kaneshiro 金城武 after ‘Mr Brown Coffee’ ads were filmed here. My sister and I were somehow laughing so hard when we found out the trees here were actually named after the celebrities’ names.

Cycling at the path on a very windy day to enjoy the splendid view is really a good idea. As this place is quite big, you will need to get a bike in order to explore farther. In order for my mom to explore comfortably, we rented an electrical bike here at TW$ 800 (four-seater).

I miss how scenic is this place. If you want to see these rice paddies turn to golden yellow colours, come visit this place during summer!

rice field during the blue hour

during the golden hour
borderless rice fields with an endless path


7. Dinner at 王子麵店

Upon arrival at the city centre of Taitung, we headed to this traditional noodle restaurant for our dinner. The chewy and delicious dry ‘pasta’ noodle 意麵 is the reason their shop is always crowded with local people. Anyway, we quite like the rice vermicelli soup noodles with pork’s feet 豬腳麵線 which is so rich in taste. Try their wonton soup 馄饨汤 and pork ribs noodle 排骨湯麵 too!

Some vegetables side dishes and a plate of ‘braised food’ 滷味
Rice vermicelli soup noodles with pork’s feet 豬腳麵線 & Pork’s belly herb soup 四神肚


8. Stay at Home Rest Hotel 鴻瑞輕旅

Just right opposite the noodle soup is our hotel for the night. This hotel is recommended to you as the room is so clean, comfortable and spacious. Great location too as there are many convenient stores and eateries nearby.

Who doesn’t love a hotel room with toilet, shower room and washbasin all in separate rooms, especially if you are on travelling? Yes, we got the room like that! The water pressure in the shower room is also super big!


  ▪ 早餐:花蓮阿思瑪麗景大飯店
▪ 出發去台東
▪ 景點:去花蓮牛山呼庭看夢幻黑色沙灘
▪ 景點:走在海上古道/豐濱天空步道
▪ 午餐:豐濱阿卿海鮮店
▪ 景點:石梯坪看自然生態
▪ 景點:池上伯朗大道騎腳車
▪ 晚餐:王子麵店
▪ 住宿:鴻瑞輕旅

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