The Birder’s Lodge & Cafe

It was a unique experience spent our first night of Khao Yai in the tiny wooden house – The Birder’s Lodge. The first time I got the information from Birder, I immediately fall in love with their modern yet rustic wooden houses’ designs. They only have 5 houses, each of it is different from the other and has their own features. 5 houses are actually located apart from one and each other, surrounded with many green plants & trees. The similarities of the houses are all wooden houses with large or full windows and come with a bbq griller outside the house! ♥ We have chosen T4 House, its feature is you get to climb up to the rooftop for a stargazing night!

The wooden stairs in the house are the one to climb up to the roof! When first arrived, the first thing I did is go to the roof! Bicycle in the house is not just as a décor for the interior, but it can be taken out to cycle at Birder’s area anytime you want, to enjoy the beautiful nature’s view or even peep on the other 4 houses.

The interior design is quite amazing as the house is looking very tiny from the outside, but you still able to find a well-equipped kitchen and a pretty spacious toilet at the basement of the house. The only thing is we did get tired of walking down and up of the stairs.

View from our lodge’s rooftop. The lobby is also another piece of art. It’s a well-designed mini garden pavilion.

Woke up in the morning and realized it was too early, just 6 am! But sky already shone brightly. I climbed up to the roof, it was cold & strong wind was blowing on me. Then I quickly went back to bed in just 2 steps distances. (There’s a flat surface for us to sit on the roof actually.)

BBQ Dinner at Birder’s Lodge

The only thing we planned must do at Birder’s Lodge is having a BBQ dinner night. Yes! Just right outside of our lodge. We already ordered our set once we had arrived at the lobby. The staff promised to set the fire up on the time we asked for. He then came and also brought a basket filled with our BBQ ingredients and our side orders. We felt lucky that I brought my shooting’s prop – LED lights as the environment of Birder was very dark in the night. So pictured here our first romantic BBQ dinner night.

The BBQ Grill Set – if not mistaken is 250 Baht/set.

From the menu’s picture, the BBQ set didn’t look like able to fill 2 persons’ super hungry stomach fully, so we added on a fried rice and a salad. The bbq set tasted good, especially the spicy dipping sauce was just heavenly delicious for me! Spicy but yummy. I’m a huge fan of spicy food by the way.

There are too many friendly stray dogs came to accompany us while we were barbecuing our food. They won’t bark or bite us but they looked hungry. In the end, we moved to the rooftop to enjoy our little privacy for our dinner.

With yummy BBQ food, good music & refreshing beer in the right environment, we were really satisfied and enjoyed on that night.

Morning & Breakfast at Birder’s Lodge

This was the dog from previous BBQ night, guarded our house for a night till the next morning. Something I couldn’t believe was the dog left the house together with us and led us to walk to the lobby to check out our lodge!

Breakfast is included in the Lodge’s fees, you can opt to have breakfast at their cafe OR they will bring you the breakfast sets’ ingredients to you and you are allowed to cook in the kitchen. Cooking in the kitchen sounds very interesting to me as I’m a person who loves to cook and was hoping can spend more time in the lodge.

The American breakfast set’s ingredients – Sausages, Hams, Bacon, Salad, Bread, Eggs! The drink is not included, you can make yourself a cup of coffee/tea/milo as there’s a mini bar in the kitchen.

Prep-to-cook scene in the kitchen.

Ta-da! The breakfast I cooked!

Birder’s Lodge Cafe

After had our breakfast in the morning, we went to their cafe for our one and only cafe hopping in Khao Yai. Their cafe is quite famous in Khao Yai. By just looking at the exterior’s design of the cafe, is pretty stunning enough!

Due to our house’s toilet has low water pressure issue, the host treated us to free drinks and dessert! The one with pink cotton candy on top is one of their signature drinks. I forgot the name! The right one is iced lemon tea and the cake is panda-flavoured. Both of the drinks were rich in taste and the cake was good too. The host also apologised to us that if we had disturbed by the construction of a new camping style lodge which was happening just right opposite our lodge.

Loving the wooden interior & big glass windows so much!

There were quite many local Thailand people came to photo-shoot in the cafe too regardless of the super hot and sunny weather.

Every corner of the cafe is beautiful and instagrammable, if you are a photo-lover, then this is the cafe that you should not miss!

A walking distance from the cafe is a boutique shop, selling a different kind of beautiful
Vintage items. It is located inside the neighbourhood of Birder too.

Beside the Birder’s Cafe, there is a warehouse fully covered by green plants, it is the Farmer’s Market! Unfortunately, it was not opened on the day we visit as it only opens on weekends. So this was the only thing I can do :

From my online researches, you can find fresh vegetables, fruits, bread, coffee, juices, gelato, potted plants selling in the markets. We had amazing experiences at Birder’s Lodge & Cafe. If you get the chance to come to Khao Yai, don’t forget to stop by here!


Booking a lodge at Birder’s Lodge

Our house called T4 (for 2 pax only) costs 3,800 Baht per night, a foreigner is asked to pay upon arrival only.
For the house of T1, T2, T3, T5, can check out their Facebook Page for images!

You can book via their Facebook page by simply drop a message about the date and type of house:
They now also have their new lodges in tiny camping style. Check out their FB to find out more!
Email: [email protected]
Address: 282, Moo 10, Tambol Musi, Pak Chong, Nakhon Ratchasima 30130, Thailand.
Google Map:

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