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Cebu, Philiphines

DAY 3 – Chilling in the middle of Ocean

Itinerary of Day 3 in Cebu:
    1. Breakfast at Odins Krieger in Panglao Island
    2. Chilling & Eat fresh seafood at Virgin Island
    3. Dinner & Pool Game at One 4 Da Road Restaurant
    4. Body Massage & Mango Milkshake at Alona Beach



1. Breakfast at Panglao Island

On day 3, we changed our initial plan where we wanted to go for dolphin watching 🐬  during sunrise. Read more about Dolphin watching here. But, we ended up wake up late and had a day trip to Virgin Island only. Virgin Island is located nearby Panglao Island, both are the province of Bohol Island. Ones need to visit Virgin Island have to come to Alona Beach on Panglao Island to rent a boat.

While on the way to Alona beach from our Airbnb, we stopped by a budget hotel’s restaurant Odins Krieger to fill our stomach. Spent more than an hour here, as it took forever for our breakfasts 🥪 to be served. LOL! Luckily had my favourite song “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran playing on that time and the special jeep car as our photos’ background.

Cebu, Philiphines

This is what my friend did while I was haggling with boatmen at Alona Beach 🙄 He then fell off from the tree and got a big scar on hand until now and what we did were laughing our ass off 🤣. Ok, don’t think he will read my blog post 😆

Cebu, Philiphines

Virgin Island, Panglao

As we travelled in a group of 6, we managed to get a private pump boat where no other stranger joins us on the boat. It was so sunny and windy at 11.30am,  riding our noisy and slow pump boat to the island departed from Alona Beach. After almost 1 hour, what we got in return were our eyes got to feed by this stunningly beautiful blue place. It definitely worth the hot & shaky ride! Look at the following pictures! So stunning! 😍😍😍

Cebu, Philiphines

Cebu, PhiliphinesHidden Sea Oasis!

Cebu, Philiphines

Upon arrival, I was so stunned 😱 by the scene where I saw people wading in the middle of the ocean. It really seems unreal and looks like a hidden paradise on earth! It was a perfect low tide sea level 🌊at the time we went, that is why the sea water’s level was so shallow until we were able to walk instead of swimming.

We took some times & effort to wad across the sea to the sandbar, as our pump boat was stopped quite a distance away. The water was crystal clear and we could easily notice starfishes in it. You may consider bringing your water shoes if you want to wad comfortably without worrying you might step on starfishes or sea urchins accidentally ouchhh …
Cebu, Philiphines
Fresh Abalone at Virgin Island

Before we even waded out from the boat, there were local merchants get onto our boat start selling their seafood. That was my first time holding fresh and real abalone on my hand! 😍 We ordered few of them before they led us to their stall on the sandbar.

Ok, photo taking time before and OTW! 😂 If you would like to have this magical low tide experience, do check the time online about low tide and high tide. Otherwise, everything is actually fully or half submerged by the sea water.

Cebu, PhiliphinesStanding in the crystal clear water!

Cebu, PhiliphinesMy friend Emily sat on our pump boat

Cebu, Philiphines

Look at this amazing sandbar in the middle of the ocean! 😍 Virgin island is not really an island, but instead is a long stretch of sandbar with crystal clear and turquoise-coloured sea water surrounds it. It earned its name as ‘Virgin’ is because nobody lives here. Nowadays, this sandbar is crowded with food stalls & tourists during low tide. There were more than 10 boats stopped around on that day.

What you must do is eat fresh seafood at these floating stalls! 🤤

Virgin Island,Panglao, CebuIt was so windy and getting rain soon before we left.

Cebu, Philiphines

There are many types of seafood can be bought here and have them cook for you, and yet they are all freshly caught! We ordered sea urchins, sea cucumbers, abalones, all at affordable prices where 1 big abalone only costs PHP 100/ around MYR 7. Maybe you can bargain to get it at even cheaper cost. Those fresh abalones really worth a try. So, prepare your cash!

Seafood at Virgin Island,Panglao2. Eat Fresh Seafood at Virgin Island

They don’t cook abalones like what Chinese people usually do but were cut and cooked with garlic, ginger & chillies. It fit my taste as it was a little spicy and nicer compared to those abalones served in an expensive way at grand restaurants. Had my first sea urchin here too, where the merchant scooped out the sea urchin for me to eat on the spot.

Cebu, Philiphines

Abalones’ Cooking Process at Virgin Island


Cebu, Philiphines

Coconut Drink at Virgin Island

If you ask me, I can spend the whole afternoon here by eating, sunbathing, drinking here despite the heat & sunlight exposure! Bought a sweet coconut drink for refreshment and..ddd photo-taking!

Cebu, Philiphines

Banana-cue,Virgin Island,Panglao

Banana-cue at Virgin Island

This fried banana on a stick is a must try! It is called as Banana-cue, Philippine’s famous street food. Your hot dessert at this natural pool bar. It was delicious!


Cebu, PhiliphinesReminder to those who afraid of sunlight, only customer can sit under the vendor’s shade. But remember pictures look better with good weather and sufficient sunlight!😆 Also, there were many locals keep approaching us to sell their pearls-made accessories which I don’t think is real. Just negotiate the price and be careful when buying.

Cebu, PhiliphinesThe gradient of blues along the shore.

Cebu, PhiliphinesIf you happen to be in Bohol or Panglao Island, must take a visit to this unique island. It simply took my breath away!

Cebu, Philiphineslast one 😆

Cebu, PhiliphinesA group photo before leaving Virgin Island

3. Dinner & Pool Game at Alona Beach

After spent almost 3 hours at Virgin island, we headed back to Alona beach and had our dinner earlier. There are many hotels, shops and restaurants can be found nearby the Alona Beach. We simply chose One 4 Da Road, as it was crowded and having a good atmosphere. We had great food and a fun time playing pool game over there until sunset.

Cebu, Philiphines

Cebu, Philiphines

Cebu, PhiliphinesOne 4 Da Road Restaurant – Picture was taken on the next morning.

4. Body Massage & Mango Milkshake at Alona Beach, Panglao

We then went to have a body massage at somewhere around the Alona Beach’s shops. If not mistaken, it is located very near to a local petrol station called LBC. We ended our day by strolling along the busy streets and had mango milkshakes and Bee Farm ice creams as our desserts! and lastly, we were swimming & playing at the swimming pool of our Airbnb before went to bed 😴

Cebu, Philiphines


How to go Virgin Island from Alona Beach

Virgin Island Google Map:
Alona Beach Google Map:

Balicasag Island and Virgin Island are islands very near to the Alona Beach. Usually, people will go for a half day trip as follows:
> Rent a boat with boatmen at Alona Beach and depart at 5.30am for Dolphin watching
> then snorkelling & fish feeding at Balicasag Island
> Lastly, eat fresh seafood at Virgin Island
> back to Alona Beach

  • Rent a boat along Alona Beach to Virgin island at around PHP 1200 – 1800 (8 to 10pax) depends on your haggling skills and how many passengers.
  • There are a lot of boatmen along the Alona Beach, you can easily get one but remember reach there before 5.30am for the sake of dolphin watching or if you are worried maybe can book 1 day before. Try not to pay a deposit, haggle?
  • The boat rental fees should be able to cover all these places/activities in 1 day, excluded fees on food and snorkelling gears.
  • If you are coming from Tagbilaran City at Bohol Island, you may rent a motorcycle (Habal-Habal) or take a tricycle or a Jeepney or even local taxi to Alona Beach. Always remember to negotiate as they most likely offer high rates to foreigners.

We did not go to Balicasag island because we not interested in snorkelling and people say it was an expensive island. So in our case, we rented a boat to Virgin island at PHP 1500 and paid another PHP 1500 as we went for Dolphin watching the next morning.

Cebu, Philiphines

Tips before go Virgin Island

  • Check with locals or online about the time of low tide & high tide at Virgin Island
  • If you are afraid of being exposed to sunlight for a long time and not planning to eat at Virgin Island, remember to bring your own umbrella as the food stalls’ merchants only provide shades to their customers
  • Bring your water shoes so you can wad comfortably from your boat to Virgin Island (sandbar)
  • Try to avoid paying your boat rental fees in advance especially a day before
  • Found research that expenses in Balicasag island very expensive, beware of hidden cost on snorkelling or lunch at Balicasag Island
  • Always negotiate to get a reasonable price as they tend to offer high rates for tourists.
  • Attention ⚠ there is no toilet provided here, please use a toilet before you go to avoid polluting the sea. lol


Day 3 Expenses :
💸100Pesos = MYR 8.40

Accommodation : MYR 455 / 1 night / 6 pax
Airbnb W House nearby Alona Beach :

Food : PHP 5,878 / MYR 492 / 6 pax

  1. Breakfast at Odins Krieger : PHP 858 / MYR 72 / 6 pax
  2. Seafood at Virgin Island : around PHP 2,920 / MYR 246 / 6 pax
    – 10 Abalones
    – 4 Sea Urchins
    – 2 Coconut Drinks
    – 2 Sea Cucumbers
    – Few Banana-cues
  3. Dinner at One 4 Da Road : around PHP 2,100 / MYR 176 / 6 pax

Transport : PHP 1,500 / MYR 126 / 6 pax
Boat Rental Fees to Virgin Island

Body Massage : PHP 2,955  /  MYR 247 / 6 pax

Pool Game : PHP 40  /  MYR 3  / 6 pax

📌 Total Expenses of Day 3 : MYR 220 ( 1pax )



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